CAPT Ross, Reserve Physician — Practicing Part-Time

Active duty – that is your job. You are a military officer, a physician 24/7. You’re on call for deployment mobilization. In the Reserves, there’s a lot more flexibility because it’s a part-time job. In the Navy Reserve, medicine has moved from just backfilling active duty while they’re deployed to now we have our own mission, but the key part of the Reserves is our lives change because we have the birth of a child or we can have the death
of a family member or we could have, you know, our business, you know – the business I’m with really needs me during this time. There’s more ability to move in and out of how much you commit to the Navy. I had a time when I was starting a practice when it was really slow I could commit
a lot of time to the Navy and I actually enjoyed it, but now, coming back from deployment, I have the ability to say, “I need to spend some time with my family.
I need to spend some time with my business. I need to kind of step away from this a while.” They’re trying to create more what they call an on/off ramp where you’re in the fast lane on active duty
and sometimes you want to exit, and sometimes you want to come back in from your exit. I find most physicians who are coming in are looking for a couple of things. They’ve been practicing for a while and they’re looking for something
that’s a little bit different but they don’t want to leave their practice. I think a lot of people join the Navy Reserve ‘cause they’re looking for
a little more adventure. I think they’re looking for that new spark in themselves. The Navy Reserve provides lots of opportunity for leadership, lots of opportunity for additional education. I think people look to the Navy Reserve also to be able to serve their country.

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