Car and Treatment Centers Drug addiction organization help homeless support Fight drug addiction

[Applause] this is Tom McDermott and from where caring treatment centers as you guys know the diction is a very very very hard thing to beat and there are people that are out there doing their darndest spending their weekends trying to help people I want you to tell me what your organization does sure so Karen treatment centers has been around for 60 years we're based in wernersville Pennsylvania you can visit our website at comprehensive addiction treatment as well as behavioral health management yeah this is a well you're down and out and you were addicted and you're trying to come up with five bucks to get something to get yourself out of your reality his organization is gonna help you get back on your feet so if you care about these people that need help I asked you to donate to their cause and support these good people that are helping the people I don't see the less fortunate let's just say people struggling people struggling and I've been a fellow strugglers you guys know and that's why I did isolation kills and boy you know emotion I keep getting emotional but support them and help them because you never know it could be you you

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