Car Organization Ideas

Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra from and in this
video, I’m going to share with you how to organize your car, everything I keep inside
my car and I’m going to share any tips for having a less cluttered car when you are driving
around town because a less cluttered car is a more comfortable car and everything is easier
to access, things are easier to find, and it’s just a more enjoyable experience when
there’s less clutter while you’re driving inside your car. But first, if this is your first time watching
any of my videos, you can check out my free three-day video series on three tasks to do
tonight to feel more organized tomorrow when you wake up. There’s a link below. All right. So let’s go ahead and get started. All right. So this is the side door of the driver’s
seat and the only thing I keep right here – sometimes, there’s like ChapStick right
there. But the only thing I keep right here in this
side door is this little Fuzzy Wuzzy Duster that I got from Ross for $1.99 about a year
and a half ago when I got my car. I love this thing because I can just sit here
while I’m pumping gas at the gas station or I’m waiting for Ed or something. I will stay here and I will just dust the
dashboard and dust the wheel and dust up here. It’s just great. So I think it’s called the Fuzzy Wuzzy but
Dollar Tree makes their own version of this. It’s blue and you can get it in the garage
auto section. All right. So now let’s move to the middle console. All right. So right here, I have my phone charger and
I use one of these cord organizers that just looks like a macaron. It’s like a French macaron. I showed this in my office video last year. But basically it takes a longer cord and you
just ravel it around and make it as short as you want it or as long as you want it. Then you just close the sides just like that
and then you just feed this through the big end just like that and you have a nice, short
cord, so nothing is dangling down inside the car or wherever you’re using the cord organizer. I love these things. They come in all sorts of fun colors. That’s my favorite color. All right. So then in the middle console right here,
so I like to keep the cup holders free of trash, free of anything. So when I have a water bottle in the car,
I can actually put my water bottle right here. On this side or on this side, I always keep
hand sanitizer. The rest of my personal care items are in
the middle console which I will show you in a second. But I use the hand sanitizer pretty much every
single time I drive. I’m always spraying it and putting it on
my hands. So I will just keep it right here since it’s
frequently accessed. The ChapStick, I keep it right here. If it’s not right here, it’s usually inside
of my purse. All right. So now let me show you the middle console. OK. So here’s the middle console of the car
and I will show you what’s inside. So let’s look at the top part first. The top part is nice and empty and clear because
when I open the bottom part, which I open often, things roll around here and there’s
something mounted under the doors. So if there’s more stuff in here, it makes
the door heavier. When the door is too heavy, sometimes it doesn’t
stay open. So I just keep that nice and empty. All right. So the bottom part here – actually, I’m
going to close this in and reopen it. All right. So the bottom part – the top part here,
I have this life hammer that’s mounted on the door right here with a Command strip. Basically a life hammer is in case you’re
stuck in the car and you can’t get out. You can just grab this tool. It’s nice and accessible right here on the
front seat of the car and you can just bang this against the window and the window will
instantly crack. So it’s in case of emergencies and it’s
nice and out of the way on the door. All right. So inside the middle console, I have everything
stored vertically. Everything is stored vertically to make it
nice and accessible. So I can just come here, grab this. I don’t have to remove this to get to what’s
in the bottom. Nothing is stacked on top of each other. Everything is nice and vertical. All right. So let’s show you what’s inside. So the first thing is wipes for the car, so
in case I need to wipe anything down. There are hand wipes. So in case I need more than hand sanitizer,
I can grab a wipe in case my hands are sticky. There’s a notepad in case I need to take
any notes or make any lists while I’m waiting in the car. There is car freshener. So in case I need to spray the car for whatever
reason, I have that. There is a pack of dental flossers in case
I can’t brush my teeth and I need to. I have food stuck in my teeth. Then right here, I have a cosmetic bag with
all my personal care items. So I always keep this cosmetic bag open. If it’s zipped, I would have to open this
door, unzip the bag to get to things inside. So it’s easier just to keep it unzipped. All right. So this is just one of those Vera Bradley
cosmetic bags. I love these things because they come lined. So in case anything spills, you can just wipe
these things down. You can also put them in the washer and wash
them in case they’re dirty. All right. So I got this at the Outlet for – I think
it was like $4. It was 50 percent off. All right. So the first thing I have is hand lotion. Sometimes I keep the hand lotion right here
if my hands are – you know, they’re extra dry in the winter or something. Otherwise, it’s just kept inside this thing. All right. This is one of those things that you just
wet it and you remove deodorant from your shirt or from your clothes. Those things are awesome. We have a pack of tissues for blowing your
nose, a pack of Altoids, a pack of gum. I have my favorite pens. So this is the Uniball Jetstream 0.7. This one is actually 0.5. Point seven is my favorite one but 0.5 is
nice as well. I love these things because they write smoothly. They come in fun colors and they don’t smear. I’m left-handed. So a lot of pens will get the ink on the side
of my hand. But these ones are just awesome. I will put a link to where to get these in
fun colors. Usually in the store, you can only get red,
blue, and black. But if you go online to a certain website,
you can get fun colors like this purple one right here. Purple, pink, green and orange, you can find
them online. All right. So those stay at the bottom and I have pain
relievers right here. It’s labeled. So in case I’m not in the car and someone
else is and they need something, there’s a label. Here is a reusable proscription bottle that
I put quarters in for parking at meters and in case you want to know what’s inside,
there’s a nice label, nice clear label with white font that says, “$0.25”. Ponytail holder. There’s a small pack of honey. So this is in case of emergencies. Mojo has – Mojo is my dog. She has low blood sugar sometimes and when
that happens, she has these episodes. So we will just put honey on her gums and
it helps. A key to our storage unit. Everything is currently in storage and that
is everything inside of this console. OK. So here’s my glove compartment. I will show you what’s inside. So the first thing is I have a poly envelope
of napkins. So that might sound silly. Like, why are these napkins inside of a poly
envelope? They’re inside of a poly envelope so that
they don’t get dusty, dirty or contaminated because when you want a napkin to blow your
nose or to clean your hands, you want something that’s nice and clean. So this is just one of those poly envelopes
that’s from Dollar Tree. They’re two for a dollar. They’re kind of hard to find. I’ve only seen them at one Dollar Tree in
all the Dollar Trees that I’ve been to and they’re really nice because they have a
nice, tight snap just like that. You can kind of hear how nice it is. They’re durable. They come in pink. They come in green, blue and I think black
or white. I think it’s black. So yeah, that just stays right there. Then I have my car manual that came with my
car and inside here, I have a copy of my car insurance card that’s laminated. I have my inspection car. I have my inspection report. I have a copy of my driver’s license in
case for whatever reason I don’t have my driver’s license on me and I have contact
information for the place where I get my car serviced. Then on this side on the door, this is – I’m
sitting in the passenger seat right here. So right here, I have my coupon binder, which
I’ve done a video on like – something like two years ago. Nothing has changed with this thing. I love this thing. I will link this video below. This thing is so organized and it just makes
it really easy to find your coupons and just maintain this thing. So that hangs out here. Sometimes it’s inside the house when I’m
going through and cleaning it out and adding coupons. Sometimes it’s with me inside my purse. But most of the time, it lives right here
in this car door. OK. So here we are in the backseat of the car. So there’s not much stuff in the backseat
of the car because we don’t have kids. We don’t have a lot of people that’s jam-packed
inside the car. Only when we’re carpooling, which isn’t
that often. But let me show you what’s back here. So back here on this door, I have an umbrella. So this stays inside the car at all times
and every time I use it, I will air it out outside the car and then make sure it comes
back inside the car so I always have an umbrella in case I’m out and it’s raining. All right. So then back here, so right here is a trash
bag. I just have a paper bag from the grocery store
and I will just put trash in here whenever there’s trash. Then every time I go to the gas station, if
the trash bag is filled, I will empty the trash in the gas station. If it’s not filled and there’s nothing
in there that’s like – could be smelly – if something is going to smell of the
car, I’m not going to put it back here. I’m going to immediately take it to a trash
can if I’m stopping somewhere or I’m going home. Whatever trash goes in here is anything that
won’t smell like a napkin, a paper towel, a wrapper of some sort. All right. So that’s that. So right now, I have a big trash bag. Normally I just have a plastic trash bag from
the grocery store. But right now, I have a lot of trash that
I’m collecting because of our lifestyle right now. We’re in between homes and there’s just
a lot of trash that has been collected inside the car. So just – what I’m trying to say is just
use the trash can, trash bag, whatever size fits your needs and empty it every time you
go to the gas station or whenever it’s filled. OK. That was a long explanation for a trash bag. All right. So then back here, I just have all my reusable
bags and I just hang this on the back of this headrest right here and everything is nested
inside of each other. This is a good reusable bag. It holds a lot of bags. So everything is just folded inside. It’s old batches. I just kind of fold it in quarters and then
just put it in there. There’s no real method to how I fold my
reusable bags because they get used, they get stuffed inside and it works the way it
is. All right. So that is everything back here. OK. So here we are inside the trunk. I’m going to show you everything I have
inside here and all of the organizing systems that I have set up. All right. So the first thing is I have this cargo net
right here. So in case I’m parked on a hill and I need
to open the trunk, everything is not going to come rolling out. This is somewhat of a barrier to keep it secure
and in place. The second half of this – the cool thing
about this cargo net is it has – right here. It opens and you can store things inside. I have paper towels in case of a spill, in
case I need extra napkins, in case I need to clean something. Who knows? But these are safe right inside here. You can also put reusable bags inside here. You can put groceries, any kind of stuff,
sports gear. I’m going to take this thing down and show
you what else is back here. All right. So I have an extra bag of reusable bags right
here in front of me. So I normally keep this inside of our house. Normally I keep reusable bags inside the car
and inside the house. Right now, we are in between homes and all
of our stuff is in storage. A lot of stuff is in different places that
it’s not usually – this is not usually in the car. But this is one that goes inside the house. All right. So over here, I have things that are going
back to the store. So right now, we’re in the process of building
a house and have all these floor samples right here. I’m going back to the flooring place this
week to make sure I don’t forget them. They’re already loaded into the trunk. This right here is going to my sister. I’m seeing my sister tomorrow. So we will unload this when I get to her house,
give it to her. Same thing with this bag in the back. This is going to a drop-off location in a
couple of weeks, like two weeks. So that’s going to go back to that place
in a couple of weeks. OK. So the two things that I always keep inside
my trunk is this bag right here and then this really heavy organizer right here, which I’m
going to go through and show you every single thing that’s inside. So the first thing is I have a towel inside
my trunk in case I’m hauling something that’s dirty, that might scratch the bottom of the
trunk. I will just line it here. If I know I’m going to be hauling something,
I will bring a bigger towel or a moving blanket or a felt pad from home instead of this towel
because this is a little small. All right. The second thing – oh, and this bag is from
Vera Bradley, the Vera Bradley outlet for 50 percent off. OK. The second thing is this big organizer right
here. So this organizer, I love this thing. I got it from Kmart for $9.99. It comes in two colors. It comes in this fun, navy color and then
it comes in a fun pink. It’s like a milkshake strawberry pink. All right. I felt like this matched the car better, so
I got this one. But it’s an awesome deal because it’s
so heavy duty. It has all these pockets. I can store stuff inside. It has a nice handle. It’s secure and it’s just nice. All right. So let me show you everything that’s inside
here. Let’s start on the side. Out of everything inside this organizer, this
measuring tape is used the most. I feel like I’m always measuring things. It has a nice hook right here and it just
stays right here and I will just take it wherever I go if I need it and then put it back right
there. There’s rope if I need to rope anything
down or tie something down or hauling something. Here are all these plastic grocery bags. So if I’m not using a paper trash can in
the backseat of my car, I’m using a plastic grocery bag in the front seat of my car to
carry a small amount of trash. All right. These just get shoved inside here. In the front of the organizer, I have one
of those tire pressure – taking tire pressure on your wheels thing. I have a knife that has multiple tools in
here in case I need tools and I broke down or I just need scissors or something. I have Mojo’s poopy bags right here. So in case we’re hiking, going on a picnic
and keep those in the back here. Matches in case I need matches. I never use them but if I need a match, I
had a match. On this side, there’s a thermal blanket. So in case we get broken down and it’s freezing
outside, that we have one of those thermal blankets to keep us warm. These right here are those hand warmers or
foot warmers. Again, in case it’s really cold and you’re
trying to stay warm. All right. Inside of the organizer, I have this little
ice scraper for the windshield of the car. I got this thing – I think I paid like seven
bucks on Amazon. This thing is like the best ice scraper. I will link everything I’m showing below,
so you can check it out. This was an awesome deal. All right. This is that bowl – Mojo’s collapsible
pet bowl that I said we had two of. This green one stays in the car. Just like that. These things are awesome. I have a flashlight in case I need a flashlight. I don’t keep the batteries inside because
the batteries will die faster if they’re kept inside. Instead, I keep them in a plastic bag just
like this. I will just load them in when I need a flashlight. I have a flare light, again in case I get
– I break down. Its’ night time and I want to send out a
signal. This thing I think has like 18 different flare
lights, different lights, whatever they’re called. I spent like four hours one day researching
flare lights and this thing had the best reviews based on everything we want inside of a flare
light. Some of these things I know are just in case
of emergency. But I’m one of those people that would rather
be over-prepared than be under-prepared and in a situation where you need some of these
things. Painter’s tape in case I need to tape something
or in case I just need tape for whatever reason. I have a first aid kit. So inside the first aid kit, I have different
sized Band-Aids. I have ointment, first aid ointment. I have a moist, cleansing wipe, and then that’s
it. It all goes inside this nice first aid organizer
right here. All right. Energy bars. So in case I’m in a situation where I’m
not going to be eating for a while or I’m broken down and I’m hungry, these are emergency
energy bars. I can’t say that they’re only saved for
emergencies because sometimes I get hungry and I eat them. They’re kept in the trunk so they’re hard
to access. So I won’t eat them. Just like – you know, if I keep them in
the front seat, I’m more likely to eat them. That’s why they’re in the back. Now the last thing is a drink [0:17:40] [Phonetic]
of water which I can say that I do not drink these waters. I can be really thirsty and I will not come
back here and drink these waters because they are expensive. So I keep a four-pack of glass water bottles
in here in case of an emergency. I keep glass because plastic, when it gets
heated, it can leach chemicals and get into your water and you don’t want to drink that
water, especially if you’re just using it in case of an emergency. You don’t want it sitting in your car for
a really long time and then you could be drinking water with chemicals inside. So I have glass. This has been through a very cold winter and
the glass does not break. It has not broken and it has been in a really
hot summer and nothing has happened. Now if you go to the grocery store and you
look for these glass water bottles, they’re probably the most expensive water bottles
in the whole grocery store. However, TJ Maxx carries these water bottles. I just saw them yesterday, four for $5.99,
which is still kind of expensive. But for a glass of water bottle, it’s not
that bad. Now if you just put this in your car with
glass, four-glass water bottles, it’s going to rattle and you’re going to hear constant
glass shaking. So what I did was I wrapped two of them in
paper towels and now you shake them, you don’t hear any glass. So if you have glass, you can do that and
you won’t hear the annoying sound. All right. That’s everything inside of my trunk. It’s everything back here. Now, the one thing I’m always mindful to
do, which I kind of mentioned in the backseat of the car is to constantly take things out
of your car if they don’t belong in the car. So when you come to your trunk to put the
groceries away, you’re not scrambling for space. You’re not throwing things around. You have space. Space is plentiful. So if something doesn’t belong in a car,
take it inside your house when you get home. If there’s trash, when you get to a trash
can or go to places like the gas station when you fill up your tank, take your trash. Put it in the trash can. Just try and keep the things that you use
and you need inside your car and nothing more. The less stuff you have cluttering up your
car, the more comfortable your car is going to be for yourself, for your passengers and
anyone in the back seat. They don’t want to be sitting in the car
and they can’t even put their feet on the ground because there’s just so much stuff
that’s in the way. When you have a clear car – not a clear
car, but when you have a less cluttered car, it’s just more comfortable for everyone
inside the car. So I hope you found this video helpful. I will go ahead and link all the products
I showed you down below in the description. If this is your first time watching any of
my videos, you can subscribe for more tips in getting organized or check out my website I will see you in a later video. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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