CAR T-Cell Therapy: ASCO’s 2018 Advance of the Year

Car T-cell therapy, which is a type of
adoptive cell immunotherapy, is custom-made for each patient from their
own white blood cells. First the, patient’s T-cells are collected from
their blood, then an artificial gene for a specific receptor is inserted into
these cells in a laboratory. These modified cells are called CAR T-cells. After the CAR T-cells multiply in the lab, they are injected into the patient. The receptors on the CAR T-cells help them find and destroy cancer cells
throughout the patient’s body. In 2017, the FDA approved two CAR T-cell
therapies for use in different cancers and there are more CAR T-cell therapies
that appear very promising for additional cancers. Unlike most cancer
treatments, CAR T-cell therapy typically needs to be given only once because CAR
T-cells multiply in the patient’s body with their anti-cancer effects
persisting, and even increasing, over time. In 2018, the American Society of Clinical
Oncology named Car T-cell therapy the advance of the year.

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  1. At the starting of video, you had shown that patient's owe T cell was collecting ; in a blood bag which was hanging on, but in pactrical it is collected by apherasis method.

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