Cara Perhitungan PENGENCERAN Obat – ILMU Resep Farmasetika Farmasi

Hello buddy Science Pharmacy it’s been a long time for us to not update new videos okay this time we will try to discuss about dilution of drugs in prescription science as we know it dilution is a step taken to improve accuracy if we take a little we have to thin it in the discussion of dilution of this drug then we have to do it by adding ingredients that do not have pharmacological effects if in the powder there is SL Then again if the powder is there is talkum and yes if it is also sprayed with the carrying material Okay there are two methods here One, the method for solid preparations and the second method of liquid dilution okay, we discuss one by one first yes friend we will discuss the first discussion solid dosage dilution general rules for dilution of these solid preparations 1 rule if the weight of the drug in the recipe for example 10 to 50 mg only then we will make dilutions 1 to 10 but if 1 to 10 mg we have to make dilutions 1 to 50 or multilevel dilution if the medicine in the recipe is for example 0.1 mg this multilevel dilution is here again and for liquid preparation dilution the language is by weighing the ingredients 50 mg the minimum limit for weighing then dissolve the drug in a solvent a certain amount of solution for example, the ingredients are dissolved to a volume of 10 mL, if you make it for 10 mL if you want to make 15 mL, then you have to make 15 mL too then the number of results used in this dilution is as follows okey, the dose of the drug in the recipe in units of milligrams divided by 50 mg times the formula and for discussion of solid preparations or powder the way of course you have to weigh the ingredients as much as 50 mg even if you want it to be below 50 mg yes just weigh 50 mg then add with SL depending on the number of drug comparisons, for example, if you want a ratio of 1 to 10 then 9 parts of SL and 1 part of medicine so SL must be added which is weighed is 9 times 50 mg so, 450 mg so the mixture was, the total amount was 500 mg then, you all have to grind Grind all the ingredients until they are homogeneous if………. the material is white – white, all the ingredients are white we have to add a little karmin huh so that we know, the preparation is mixed homogeneously then weighing the results divided by 50 mg multiplied by the number of dilutions Examples of solid dosage dilutions are if the number of prescription drugs that must be weighed is 20 mg it’s just a normal dilution, friend and based on comparative data dilution on the drug then dilution of solid preparations is carried out in a ratio of 1 to 10 then the number of results of triggering or results rather than dilution of the drug which must be weighed is 20 mg divided by 50 mg * 500 mg multiplied by 200


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