1. Nice information mam…
    I am a second year medical student at Dnepropetrovsk state medical academy and planing to do my masters at Germany.
    Can you please tell me whether I can work and do my pg at the same time in Germany?
    If so which provision of the country offers me this allowance?
    Thank you mam

  2. Highly appreciated for the work you doing.. god bless you.
    Hoping to see videos about UAE dubai career options and exams details …
    Thank you in advance

  3. Ma'am Can we complete our PG in Germany and settle in other countries like US UK UAE Australia like that. Or Germany is the only option.
    Please let us know.

  4. I m in 3rd year and I had back in one subject in 2nd year but i m learning German so what are the chances to get admission in good college or hospital for surgery branch

  5. Thanks you madam I am studying in Kazakhstan and I want to do pg from Germany .can I took admission in Germany without clearing MCI exam. Or after that it is valid in India

  6. Thank you for sharing. I will tell my friends about your channel!! I would appreciate if you can clarify to me cus I didn't understand the last part very well. Do you mean that we have to do two years then go after the residency for the speciality we want? Also, could you clarify the payment as well?

  7. What is this licensing exam about…you mentioned earlier that there's no entrance examination in Germany..can you please make that point clear

  8. Mam without fmge is there any other option for mbbs pass student for employment which is legal ND there will be no any problem

  9. Heyy thanks for the info.I would like to clarify a doubt.Iam doing my mbbs from bulgaria which is part of the europion union .so is the process to admission in germany same for me too or is there a different pathway.

  10. Can i learn german language during mbbs bcz i don't want to wait for 2-3 years for job after completing 6 years of mbbs

  11. I have done MBBS from Russia.
    But i don't have MCI registration and also i don't have Internship certificate.
    I'm a foreign medical graduate.
    So, can i do medical PG in Germany ?

  12. I'm 19 Years Old I'll Finish My MBBS Till 21 here in Philippines…So do i need to Get Pass Neet PG or MCI or Any specific Kind of Test in India to go to Germany…?

  13. Is it possible to take pg admission in Germany after mbbs in private German college without any exam please reply

  14. hey which abroad country mbbs is better
    and i m going this year ksma Kyrgyz it is better for study mbbs there will be dissection on real human body ??
    like india

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