Career Planning : How to Become a Physician’s Assistant

Hi, my name is Stacie Royer and I’m a career
specialist in Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk to you today about becoming a physician’s
assistant. The first thing that you’ll need to do is know that you love working with people.
Then, you’ll need to obtain your bachelors degree from an accredited university. You
can obtain that degree in any type of field but it’s preferred to have a degree in biology
or premed. From that point you’ll need to submit your application to the American Academy
of Physician’s Assistants Program. Once you’ve become excepted there then you’ll need to
fulfill the two to three year requirement at an accredited ARCPA establishment or organization.
Remember, all physician’s assistants will have to continue their medical education.
That is done typically on a year or two year basis. From that point you can start working
for a doctor and have a lot of fun with it.


  1. agreed. All you need is the prereqs,
    We have several people in my class who had non-science bachelors degrees.. we had a couple business, journalisms, history majors for example

  2. This entire video is either imprecise, inaccurate, or just plain incorrect. At the very best, it's misleading. There's no such thing as a "bachelor's degree in Pre-med." You don't need to be a fellow of the AAPA to become a PA. You don't have to work for a single doctor, you can be employed by hospitals as well. People that are serious about becoming a Physician Assistant should do their own research instead of listening to someone that doesn't know what she's monotonously rambling about.

  3. @paepin89 really times are changing so do you mean i can major in human services and get in to a pa program? and just curious whats ur occupation?

  4. Wow i just started collage and this adviser at a community collage told me that i should take a associate degree in associate of science then move on to a universitybfor another two year some one help please. 

  5. That's not a very informative video, the information wasn't totally correct. Most PAs that graduate don't go on to get a doctorate degree. Where did she get the information?

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