1. I have been interested in this program for a while. I have a direct patient experience as an RT. Is this a program that guarantees employment with a good salary upon graduation?

  2. Can a social worker go into this field? I am looking for a career change however very Interested in EHRs and IT as it pertains to patient healthcare/mental healthcare

  3. Wonderful video.
    I have a bachelor of science degree in nursing. I am interested in studying health informatics but I am in Ghana, west Africa. What do I need to do

  4. I have a bachelors in health concentration in Community Health, I was wondering what certification will be good for to apply for. Or would a masters in Health Informatics be beneficial for me.

  5. As a medical records analytic – What is the best option for me to take this course and be part of it? I am really interesting on this field. I have at least 9 years of experience. Thank you!

  6. I am interested in this course, can you please point me to admission guidelines also do you assist with finding a job.

  7. As a computer science graduate, is it possible to offer a Masters in Health informatics and do well since I don't have much knowledge about medical terms at the moment?

  8. I've completed bachelor's of Pharmacy, I'm interested in this course, does technical courses like c,java, c,java,oracel are required to continue their career in profession Of Health Informatics

  9. Could you possibly tell me more about any opportunities/intersections between the fields of public health and health informatics? My passion for public health prevention + some big data expertise feels like the way to go for me…

  10. hi..i just completed B.Tech in IT from india and im interested in this course for masters.so am i eligible?

  11. can a person who has not studied at one of these institutions apply for a career in this field I am attending another college for this degree would that be accepted in Texas Colorado Technical University-Masters of Science in Healthcare Management-Informatics

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