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my name is John Bosworth I'm a licensed mental health counselor and private practice in st. Pete Florida I'd like to talk a little bit about what our clinical psychology jobs clinical psychology jobs first of all let's go step back a little bit clinical psychology usually is referred to as the doctoral level of training the minimal requirements to get licensed as a clinical psychologist the basic job descriptions or job outlines can be many and can be varied but in clinical psychology we will stick to basically looking at what a person does after he attains the PhD and one-year internship required to actually attain the title of clinical psychologist and what what you what really the the public's perception of clinical psychology really gears toward counseling and towards psychotherapy or therapy counseling and psychotherapy are probably what many people in graduate school look to when they want to get into to clinical psychology but there's also another you know a number of different areas that clinical psychologists can work and that could be in a forensic setting for the courts they could do evaluation and testing in the schools or within organizations and they also can look at you know psychometric testing for maybe a substance abuse facility but many clinical psychologists are in private practice and when they are in private practice they basically have much more leeway as to what type of work that they actually want to do but again I want to emphasize the clinical psychology per se is always minimum requirement as far as as far as schooling is concerned is the PhD or doctoral level or side II the side II is actually the clinical psychology z' counterpart of the PhD it's doctoral level training but specifically geared toward toward clinical work my name is John Bosworth and we're talking about what are clinical psychology jobs


  1. Doctorates in Psychology (specifically clinical) take an additional 2-3 years (including the 1yr internship) after earning a Master's degree. So total post graduate work is roughly 4-5 years. However it is not just all class work, a lot of that time is spend doing counseling and practicing. 10-12 years is more of a Medical Doctor, which is 3-4 years of medical school, then internship then residency(which can be one in the same as interning) then a staff member at a hospital.

  2. do u people think 29 is too old to endeavor towards a clinical psychologist profession? I mean a doctorates typically takes 10-12 years right?

  3. I'm a freshman in highschool and this video was very helpful. I am looking to be a clinical psychologist and am starting early to take classes that will prepare me for colleges.

  4. I just checked out 2 books at the library and am researching all kinds of this stuff. I want to be a clinical and student psychologist and an elementary special education teacher 🙂 A lot of my friends like this field. But some like social workers and similar things. I really love this field and I don't care about fame or anything but I really think this is a "worth it" job! 😀

  5. i'm doing my undergrad in psychology at the moment, it's pretty intense, and very competitive when getting into your postgraduate studies (which you have to do to become a registered psychologist, in australia anyway)… but i think it's a good career 🙂 just try it out, for those who are wondering

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