Carle Illinois College of Medicine | Olivia Coiado – Medical Education Facilitator

hi my name is Oliver coiled oh I'm a teaching assistant professor in medical education facilitator at Carr in our College of Medicine I'm also part of academic affairs and course direct for the discover learning I'm passionate for everything that involves technology education and innovation Karen in our College of Medicine is the first Medical School that integrates medicine and engineering and this is very exciting I think a physician evader at current in our College of Medicine unique because they will know the clinical needs but besides that they will have the skills to design and develop any technology that they want the success of medical education facilitator is an educator that teaches the joy of discovering learning that empowers the students that knows how to listen and help and guided students to the medical case integrate engineering in innovation I believe car in in our College of Medicine will cause a great impact in the healthcare industry bring a better quality of life for patients through innovation you

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