Castel Education International Medical Commencement Programme (IMCP)

Ireland is one of the best countries in the world to study medicine I found the quality of the education I received in IT chili with Casta education to be excellent I also loved the work/life balance between my studies and my personal life anyy Galway is the perfect place to continue my studies in podiatric medicine I feel very privileged to be able to study at such a great university I settle into Irish Life easily as the V will are very friendly and welcoming Irish people really respect different cultures and religions in the I teach early there are programs for Middle Eastern students which we greatly appreciate our CSA has a great reputation employed for studying medicine I found the extra year and I feel chilly to be very beneficial either was a good introduction to the science subjects which really helped me when I got to our CSI castel education also helped me improved my IELTS score while I was there I found the English language training and support programme very beneficial all the teachers are very good communicators it has helped me improve my English dramatically the International Medical commencement program here in truely has given me a great foundation to further my medical studies at RCS I in Dublin I have felt very welcomed since I arrived Maitre D' and the people have been very friendly castle education made my transitions so easy and there really helped me to settle here I'm looking forward to finishing my nursing studies the University of Limerick we recently went on a visit to University and the campus looks amazing the foundation year and I t truly gave me a great understanding of the science subjects which really helped me when I first moved to our CSI care is a great destination with many beautiful places to visit like bingo the time I spend their hold some great memories

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