Cat Scratch Disease

cat scratch disease is the topic and essentially cat scratch disease is something that involves domesticated cats because they are oftentimes reservoirs for a very specific bacteria and that bacteria has a special name and that is Bartonella and slay and Bart and Anna Pence lay is a gram-negative rod referred to as bacillus or bacilli and this bacteria is transmitted from a flea to a cat and then later humans are infected and they are infected either from a cat scratch which is the most common way and sometimes a cat bite and most of the time it's children now what is the symptomatology of cat scratch disease well it usually occurs after about three to ten days after the bite or the scratch and essentially what you have is a papule and that papule will be red erythema tiss and it will occur at the site of the scratch now that doesn't seem very big of a deal but in addition in the local area you will have lymph adenopathy swollen lymph nodes and these lymph nodes will be firm and they will also be tender now in a lot of patients with the symptomatology as I have just described in addition you'll also have fever and other symptoms such as fatigue now if you do suspect this what kind of diagnosis would you do well there's really two main things the first is a simple blood test to detect the antibody and in particular what we're looking for is trying to detect the antibody to the bartonella henselae bacteria and that can be shown as a titer usually 1 to 64 is characteristic finding in cat scratch disease the next test if necessary is a biopsy of that lymph node that is swollen and tender and if you aspirate it it will show the bacilli that are consistent with bartonella henselae and if you do a histopathologic slide the findings are that you will see granulomas now the treatment fortunately this is actually self-limited so because it's self limited oftentimes you don't really need to treat it just give you no symptomatic relief with heat and any basic analgesic medication but sometimes you can give antibiotics if you feel that it's necessary if you feel that it's pretty severe and those antibiotics are most commonly used in patients that are immunocompromised for obvious reasons and some of them I'll give to as the throw myosin is commonly used to treat this and also sometimes doxycycline so now let's take a look at a couple clinical vignettes 50 year-old woman comes complaining of a swollen leg swelling began approximately 48 hours ago woman has never had anything like this before on exam the right lower extremity is four centimetres larger than the left with warmth and redness but no open cuts are lymphangitis lymph adenopathy of one centimeter is apparent in the inguinal regions bilaterally home and sign is negative on further history-taking you learned that she has two cats at home and spent much of their time outdoors while contemplating potential infectious cause he recalled that a cat scratch can cause a limb infection which of the following pathogens is the infectious agent in the disease well they spell it all out for you and they just want to know the name of the bacteria and of course it's bartonella henselae and last one thirty-three-year-old veterinary technician comes to the office because of the two-week history of tiredness loss of appetite and weight loss he tells you that he is usually always on the go and so his colleagues have been noticing his recent lack of energy does not take any meds does not drink alcohol or smoke currently in a monogamous heterosexual relationship specific job of the veterinary center is to clean the cat cages which he says is not the most desirable job because the cats get angry and territorial temperature is 99 blood pressures 110 plus 65 respirations or sixteen physical exam shows a seven centimeter tender mass in the left axillary fossa and multiple linear lacerations in various stages of healing on both his forums chest x-rays unremarkable PVD is placed in the right for our most appropriate next step is well these lacerations embedding our scratch marks and they're in multiple there multiple and they're in various stages of healing so these cats that he deals with have been scratching him for a while that's why these lacerations are in various stages of healing he's definitely got a very large swollen mass in his left axilla and he's got all the other symptoms that go along with it with a little bit of a fever so he's most likely got cat scratch disease of the places listed the best thing to do right now because it seems pretty severe that's seven centimeters is pretty big I'd probably do a biopsy and the biopsy will help you identify the bacilli which is characteristic of bartonella henselae and you can also do the histopathologic investigation will show the granulomas so the answer to this question is a


  1. most of my life I have rough housed with cats and dogs and let them bite on me or scratch me and guess what happened to me as a result…. NOTHING!!!!! lol

  2. I had cat scratch disease at age 62 or 63 . The symptoms I had made me think it was lime disease. I had joint pain. chronic fatigue, cold sweats, shaking, difficulty walking, and mental confusion, I went through two ER admissions. I was barely able to walk or communicate. I didn't know it but my spleen and lymph nodes were swollen. In spite of my constant complaints about the symptoms to my doctor over the year, I went undiagnosed and untreated for a long time by anyone. Today I believe I have permanent physical and mental damage from not being diagnosed or treated for so long.

  3. Cat scratch disease is a disease that if your cat scratches you then you'll get a limb node (however you spell that word) and it might spread to your thy or arm pit cause mine did and I had to get antibiotics that were so strong that almost every four days I had to get new ones (not literally but felt like it and you get medicine for it (obviously) make sure to get the pills (if you can swallow em) cause the medicine is nasty and if you get the pill don't open the one with blue and green it made me almost throw up so I was done with almost throwing up and swallowed it and also cat scratch disease give you some white blood cells and I think that's bad I wasn't sure what was bad and what wasn't so I wasn't crying or sad so I was pretty happy in the hospital but yeah BEWARE OF CATS (DONT LET THIER CUTENESS FULL YOU) but my doctor said you can mostly get this once so yeah you can get a cat I'm not hating on them cause I'm obsessed with CATS and that explains everything but yeah

  4. When my cat scratch my hand……i go to bathroom to washing my hand with soap then i add alcohol to my hand and i put a band aid…is it right???

  5. I want to throw my cats outside, I dont fucking care if its persian… My mom adopt 4 fucking cats. Bit me scratch me when Im feeding them and now I feel like Im going to have fever.. got antitetanus and antirabies. I have this pain in my neck.. my ghad Im scared I hoped that the pain is from my cough not this disease

    And the poop smells more fucking bad than a big dog poop… now our house smells shit… SORRY BAD ENGLISH

  6. When I got scratched when I was a kid(I still have the armpit like inflation but soft kinda thing) and I haven't experienced anything like pain and more about that diseases and causes

  7. my cat scratched my dads wee wee and this morning he got out of the shower he had pus on his wee wee and boy did it hurt ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ญYOU GUYS WHOHAVE THIS GO SEE THE DOCTER VERY VERY FAST (scoffs)mean pussycat Iris black

  8. My sister's cat scratched me last week.. and suddenly yesterday my armpit got swollen..but it's size is like a pea. I havent got fever yet though. Should I go to the doctor to get antibiotics?

  9. What if my cats scratched me but after that i already vaccinated by anti rebies. Should i get worry.

    -sorry for my bad english.

  10. Is it possible for this to lay dormant in a biofilm till an individual has a weakened/comprimised immune system in later life and then exhibit symptoms? Thanks

  11. My cat scratched me because I was flying my drone and I flew it by him, the scratch was on my shoulder and a little scratch on my leg. Right now my scratch feels like it's burning and I don't know why

  12. This is serious stuff people. I have this mess RIGHT NOW. My fever spiked tonight at 103.2. After that I got a wet rag to put on my forehead and I also took some acetaminophen. I have been debilitated for TWO DAYS going on three days. My fever broke of course for my morning visit to the doctor but then the fever came back with a vengeance tonight. I called my job and told them I simply can't work, drive the school bus, because I feel so very awful. With this bacteria in my blood stream it makes my heart race, the fever has lead to chills and the first night I sweat from my bed and completely saturated the sheets. Today my head was all wet when I went to get the augmentin, the antibiotic that I have used in the past. I think the difference this time is the bacteria must have gotten into my blood and this is the worst I have felt my entire life probably. I would not wish this MISERY on anyone. I just hope the bacteria and the fevers are not attacking my organs or my brain. I don't want any long term damage. This cat scratch fever though is VERY REAL and probably people react different to it. Anyway, these fevers and my racing and SORE heart have me very concerned. And to think I brought this all on myself with my rescue cat Squeaky, formerly known as Pathetic when she had a a large wound of missing hair on her left side. Then she also had to have foot surgery to cut off a growth on one of her palms. Anyway, Squeaky is scheduled to be declawed on Dec, 23 2017. She is an indoor cat anyway because she has a bad flea allergy that led to the wound on her left side.

  13. Mad peoples only one vaccine doctor will give I have gone and taken today only please don't belive in such fake ideas god has given only one life and many dangers

  14. A cat scratched me and I went super fast to the bathroom and I whach it and the next day went to the dr and he told me u are 100% good and it's good that u went to the bathroom and clean your hand and put on it perfum and it happened yesterday

  15. I was given a tetanus shot and Bactrim 2x day from May 29 to June 10. My foot was badly swollen and bruised from the cat biting and scratching me. Went back to Dr. today June 27 and ball of my foot is hurting and discoloration is beginning to come back on the top of my foot and feels warm with a little swelling. Dr wants a bone scan but did not give me any more antibiotics. Wonder if this is the correct thing to do. I don't have a fever or any other symptoms yet.

  16. If I can a cat it dogs it's claws into i.e. skin to it bone on my hand looks like I got bite by a snake it's cuz of a cat his claws went into my skin and one broke off I still don't have full of that finger my hole arm swelled I had someone follow me to the car to make sure I was coming back don't play about a lol something this cats claws went in me dug I show y'all looks lovely me a snake bite but no it's real I spent 3 days in the hospital try in to fight it off but I still let the cat that done it ppl don't see we go thru hard to get forever

  17. by the way it looks like I got bite by a snake on my hand I can tell it swells at the moment no water no nothing I can show me recoored it almost killed me not fun or say this or that I know when I get it stop say in I be live this or that if it's cat screech I ducking know trust me I been thru it

  18. dude I spent 2 days in the hospital his claws went in chopped my bone dude really y start selling look for puss my hand looked like a duck in door dude stop I had it have recoored of I being able my hand and arm swelled up I was throwing up blood if it goes in get treated duck what dude say he talk to dang slow for me look if it looks like I been bite something them get help cuz it swells almost as soon as it happens I had it my right hand looked likes a foot it's not fun if it goes deeper than screech go to the doc I spent 3 days in the hospital that would not let me leave it can kill u my hand and arm swelled I was thrown in up blood get treatments asap

  19. What's wrong if I have 2 cats, one of them scratched my finger and than my finger turned blue. I never went to the doctor cause I didn't feel like going. Now my finger is slightly darker than my other fingers, and my whole hand is slowly turning darker and darker……….. what's wrong

  20. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy as a complication of cat scratch disease

  21. Some years ago I got a cat bite, followed by painful swelling in the armpit that went after a few days.
    THEN all sorts of neurological affects that lasted some 8 months. Chronic acute nausea for 7 months 24/7, slight facial palsy, facial tingling, weakened right arm, loss of 70% smell, could smell things that were not there! Weird and unpleasant nerve sensations in arm neck and back. White tongue and candida in the mouth for a month. Digestive system 50% failed to digest food. UP UNTIL that cat bite I was fit, healthy and regular jogger. The neurologist suggested a virus was active in the brain stem. IT eventually faded after 9 months, except 50% of smell is still gone 12 years later, and right arm is still weaker, and odd nerve sensations sometimes appear. So some permanent damage done.
    The Cat Scratch obviously left me immune -compromised for a virus.

  22. I got a orange size bump under my right arm pit and it hurts
    all these dang cats having babies
    in my yard
    this is what I get for being nice

  23. what's weird is that I'm 12 years old and have been scratched a lot by my cats and haven't gotten this disease…

  24. I am watching this because I am infected.. I got a small kitten scratch on my finger that got infected and became swollen with pus. It traveled up my arm all the way to my arm pit within 4-5 days and the gland in my pit is huge.. It's painful, I've had chills, sweats, fever, basically flu like symptoms, and the area is warm and so on. The doctor put me on IV antibiotics right away. I was sent home with Azithromycin. Now I wait for my 2nd test results and hopefully these pills do the job. By the way I am 45 years old. Never did I ever think this would happen to me.

  25. The answer to the first question coul dbe Pasteurella multocida because it can present as cellulitis. I'm not hundred percent sure on this though

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