Cây thuốc 15 Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants
VEGETABLES – Description: Plants, live in water, high 31). 40cm. The body is soft, spongy, floating, rooted
at the base. Facing leaves grow 3 times a leaf, sessile,
marginal teeth. Flowers grow separately in the leaves. Capsule Full of aromatic plants. Place to grow: Grows wild and grown as spices. Planted by stem sections with roots. Fruit season: September – November. | Parts used: Whole plants are harvested all
year round. Use fresh or dried . – Uses: Cure blood bandages,
urinary bleeding, convenience. Dosage – Each day 20-30g to pound more water
or drink. Medicinal plants
RAU NGÓT Other name: Bo ngot, phượt (Thai), fertilizer (Tho). | Description: The tree is small, always green,
with many branches. Leaves are staggered, there are 2 leaves with
small leaves, raw leaves. Male and female flowers are in the same tree. Capsule, spherical, white. | Where: Trees are grown everywhere to get
leaves to cook soup. Planted with branches in spring. Buy fruits: September – November. Parts used: Leaves collected in early summer. Use fresh. | Uses: Cure vegetable fever, tongue twister,
snake bite. – Dosage: Every day 30-40g crushed, add water
or apply on the tongue (cure tongue). Medicinal plants
– VERY VEGETABLES: Water willow. | Description: Grass. Beef body. Single, whole, staggered leaves, oblong, pointed
heads. Baby key short. Flowers grow into narrow white flowers. Small fruits, three edges, ball rings. – Growing place: Plants are grown everywhere
as spices. – Buy fruits: January – March. | Parts used: Both begonia trees year round. Use fresh or dried . – Uses: – Stimulates
digestion, cures poor eating: Both plants drink. _ Cure black, worm, impetigo: Both | Grated
tree, soaked wine, bumper. _ Cure snake bites: The whole tree chewed
water, | bagasse. Dosage: Every day 15 – 20 g. Use outside without dose.


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