Cây thuốc 16. Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants
Trầu không | Other ten: Betel nut, betel nut, | Le description: Wire clinging, with
secondary roots in mi. Staggered, heart-shaped, shiny leaves. The flower-shaped flower with squirrel tail,
grows straight down into the Berries. The whole tree has aromatic and spicy essential
oil, Na ge Place: Plants are grown everywhere. Planted by wire in spring, autumn. Fruit season: May – August. Parts used: The whole tree is harvested all
year round. Use heaven. Tool . ng: – Antiseptic, cure ulcers, wounds:
It is crushed, added water, washed. – Cure cough, difficulty breathing: Leaves
pressed for drinking water. – Cure pus-tooth inflammation, indigo face:
Leaves of cowboy cooking. | Dosage: 4 – 8g or more per day. Use outside without dose. Medicinal plants
Trẩu collection: Big and L trees grow staggered, raw lioa divided into 3 5 deep lobes. Ho monochrome cage costumes, growing into
jars. Kul. It is composed of 3 pieces of shell containing
3 seeds, the outer eyes of the fruits are often wrinkled, The place is peppers: Boiled
plants are everywhere. Fruit season: April – June. Parts used: Bark collected in spring. Seeds pick up in the old fruit, and break
the shell. Use fresh or dried . There are many doses
and doses: – Cure impetigo, pimples: Multiply seeds into charcoal, spread powder into lard. Post on multiple times. – Cure toothache, deep: Rechargeable bark
with hybrid bark, lemon and coffee roots. Take, spit water, many times a day. Medicinal plants
TRE Other name: Tre gai, milling machine (1 | Description: Tree grows into cum, there
are many spines. Vertical body, split many burning, dragon
intestine. Leaf shoots grow up. Flowers are less common. Cultivated in the countryside Planted in the
winter in the winter – Parts used: Leaves collected throughout the year Use fresh: Useful:
Treating colds, coughs, coughs – news, children with hot fever, convulsions, urination Dosage:
Every day 10-20g, maybe more, cook broth with many other herbs or drink.


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