Cây thuốc10 Medicinal plants

350 SA NHÂN. Other name: Co neul (Thai), Description: Grass,
ca0 0, 00 – 1 m. Dear . Small roots, growing cows, we need
network. Ball leaves, tough tips. White flowers, yellow-speckled yellow throat
grow into bunches at the base. Capsule, 3 boxes, with soft spines. Where to grow: Grows wild in the mountains,
under the canopy of big trees. Meda fruit: Flowers: May – June. Fruit: July 8. Parts used: Fruit collected in summer and
autumn. Drying | Uses: Stimulating digestion, treating
indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting. In addition, sa Nhan cooperates with thorny
roots, bear bulbs, useful samples, sugarcane sprouts for abdominal pain and pregnancy Dosage:
1 – 3g of powdered powder or tablets. 352,SẢ Other name: Huong mao, cha phi (Tho),
Phuc Chau (Thai). Grows Description: Grass, perennial, into
dust. Rhizome white or slightly purple. The leaves are long, narrow, like rice leaves,
the edges are slightly depressed). The inflorescences consist of many small sessile
flowers. The whole tree smelled like lemon. Where to grow: Plants are grown as spices
and medicine. Planted with rhizomes in spring. Fruit season: March – April. | Parts are Ig: Both begonia trees are year
round. Use fresh or cool dry. You can cut the essential oil. Uses and dosages: – Treatment of colds, flu,
fever: 10 – 20 g of whole broth. – Cure eczema: rubbing roots. – Cure bloating, anti-emetic, convenience:
3-6 drops of essential oil to drink with water. In addition, citronella oil also works to
eliminate mosquitoes and other insects. 351, SA SÂM NAM Other names: There are propellers. Description: Grass, perennial. Soft roots. pale yellow . The body of the cow has many
marks. At each stage, roots grow into new plants. Leaves grow into rosettes at the root, unevenly
divided into lobes. Flower shaped head, yellow. The fruit has a crest. Growing place: Grows wild in coastal sandy,
Fruit season: Flowers: April. Fruit: June. | Parts used: Roots collected in the fall. Dry . Uses: Cure cough, fever, sputum, cool
lungs, diuretic. Dosage: Every day 10-20g of drinking colors.


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