CBD Oil: How To Make Cannabis Oil at Home – Easily!


  1. Good recap at the end. I distill the alcohol and save it because then it's really high proof alcohol and hey stuff is expensive besides it makes it pretty good strong drink for bedtime

  2. There is a way to make a vape juice whit this oil?! If yes, can you send me a link!? Thanks!!! 😛

  3. One thing everyone seems to skip is how to effectively transfer your end product (RSO or what have you..) from bowl/pan/etc to something a little more viable for dosing etc (e.g. syringe). Obviously the end product is super concentrated and I find there is a fair amount that gets wasted as it "sticks" to surfaces etc. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? I am thinking some sort of syringe that is heat resistance that you could evaporate the ethanol off in and then you would be left with your concentrate all ready to go in the syringe.

  4. Do you think you could do this method with eucalyptus or lavender to achieve an essential oil at home?

  5. How you remove thc from the plant? Or your seeds is without thc? Sorry for my question but i do not know how to do

  6. My father is at his 74 and suffering quiet badly from the body pains. I have been looking something out from the medicine and had tried the herbs but no upto the mark results. The since yesterday evening come to know the CDB oil. And after through this clip get hopped that might be it would work on him. And I am truly willing to buy from you guy, the true CBD oil. Is it possible for you to send it in India? It is legalise there. I wish to have an ounce. Please let me know the procedure to buy… thanks, hope would get replied.

  7. My stoner ass thought endoca was a play on the word indica lol but in all seriousness where do I get the ethanol?

  8. How about decarboxylation, it is not needed before You add weed to alc? It helps CBDa change into CBD.

  9. I'm pretty new to this… how much of this would you take? How do you know if you took too little/too much?

  10. Thank you for the great video! Questions: in the video it states I can use the distilled ethanol over and over. How many times is the reuse of the distilled ethanol recommended? Also, how do I know when the ethanol/cannabis mixture is at 80% inside the distiller? I have done this twice and I accidentally allowed the distiller to go to long resulting in slightly burning the oil or in burning off almost 100% of the alcohol. Thanks in advance!

  11. The reason is so expensive is due to insane initial costs (machinery costs around 400 000€ for co2 extraction, per machine, and they have small turnaround), then there's running costs, as these use a lot of power, require a factory, test lab facilities, etc. also many countries have ridiculous requirements such as PhD in farmaceuticals, PhD in botanics, and PhD in production process that needs to be on a constant payroll, in order for the company to "be of medical standards"
    The real reason is so that everyday ppl don't start producing it, because, well you are supposed to be a slave, not a businessman.
    That's why I strongly suggest to follow this man's advice , and make your own. There's plenty farmers who legally grow commercial cannabis wich on average contains 2-6 % CBD, and the flowers are a waste byproduct for them, so you can get kilos for very little money or free depending on your social skills. There's also strains available which contain 18% cbd and 0.2% thc, so if grown illegally do not make you a drug criminal, but a felon for growing cannabis without a permit. Just my 2 cents good folks.

  12. Is 3 minutes enough to extract what we need?? seems too fast really… I 've read manuals saying to keep the typical content in the alcohol for 2 months!!

  13. Is it possible to extract CBD from industrial hemp ? If yes than what is the CBD percentage in the oil obtained from Industrial hemp ? Thanks

  14. Thanks a lot for the video. I have just one question: Doesn't a small part of the oil remain in the distiller filter? Do you do it with or without the distiller's filter? Cheers

  15. Obey the law and do it in a legal state and monitor your quantity limit and don't sell it unless you have a license to.
    CBD cannibus oil is a miracle.
    It treats better than pharmaceutical prescriptions without the harmful side effects and recalls.

  16. Thanks Henry for this great Video. I am still new at this. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 40 years.

    I am not interested in producing CBD on scale or to sell at all. I just want to make it for my own personal use and general health. If I use this method, can I use the black oil as it is under my tongue, or should I dilute it further, or is there other further steps before I can put it under my tongue?

    Thank you.

  17. ¿Qué porcentaje de CBD se obtiene con esta extracción?
    ¿No necesita lo de la descarboxidación?

    What percentage of CBD is obtained with this extraction?

    If previously decarboxylated, the concentration of CBD can be better?

  18. Hi how do we make full spectrum? And I’m from Canada do you know a good cbd compagnie? Cause it’s seems to be hard to find quality as in us!

  19. Endoca, you make a wonderful product by the way! How do you make the oil without heating it? I like the raw hemp oil.

  20. please make sure when you are compounding CBD oil you are : In a clean and safe environment,it is legal to do so in your STATE, make sure it is for medicinal use and you are QUALIFIED TO COMPOUND✅🤔 RPh. here ✅✅🗣stay safe and Legal. 👍🏼

  21. hello, i have been looking for this food grade ethanol everywhere around me, as i live in india it seems like its illegal here. all i found is perfume grade ethanol & laboratory grade !
    is it possible to use one of them ?
    is there any harm if i only vape the outcome oil ?
    i really want to do this

  22. How do you clean the distiller after using it for sticky rso. I need it to be squeaky clean/still usable so I do not introduce ppm to future distillations

  23. It's very dangerous to do this without lots of ventilation; several homes have exploded in Colorado because of the fumes in the air. I do like how he shows it's done but, I would do it outside always. For the meantime, I will continue to get my high quality CBD oil at wholesale prices.

  24. Rather than leave on the coffee heater for 24 hours couldn't you just heat in microwave for a couple of minutes 🤷‍♂️

  25. Actually i was thinking about how to doit at home… now i know ill start making some E-cig liquids for myself cause i hate to burn it, the taste is awful.

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