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I’m Jenna Rosenstein and welcome to another episode of the Beauty Show. Today we are going inside the home of celebrity makeup artist Quin Murphy. You might have seen his work on celebrities like Natalie Portman, Alison Bree, or Lily Aldridge and I am so excited to see how he stores all of his favorite beauty products. Let’s go. Look at your apartment! It’s so gorgeous! I did it all for her. Where do you keep your makeup? Most of it’s in my kit but the makeup I have in storage is in my kitchen. In your kitchen? What are you like Carries Bradshaw? Yeah, I know. It’s New York! You know? Well, I’d love to see the drawers. I’ll show you. I can honestly tell you- Excuse us. Good girl! Do you mind? You’ll get your moment. You’re beautiful but we want to see the beauty products. Yeah. This drawer is mostly skincare. Mascara’s, ’cause I use a ton of mascaras for every client. I want to know what your favorite one is then. Oh my gosh. There’s so many. I have to say, my favorite mascara right now is Armani Black Ecstasy. So good. It’s so good. You can almost get a false eyelash look with just mascara. That is amazing makeup remover. It’s super gentle and Most every model that you work with knows about it because after fashion week is over- month is over, their eyes are so sensitive that that is like the only thing that wont irritate them further. So what is that Bioderma, the other product there? This is water and I use it primarily to wet my Beauty Blender. You do that too? Yeah! Oh my gosh. You have to wet the Beauty Blender, it makes everything more flawless, but I just kind of mist the face like that and it sets the makeup. This is a new brand I love. L-X-M-I? It’s a balm to oil. I love face oils. People are still scared of face oil. I know, the 90’s did a trick on everybody. I also have a primer in here. This is pretty much the best all around- Hourglass Veil. -that I found. If you’re really looking for staying power under makeup, this is a great product and it’s not too dry or too cakey. I just got this sent to me. with beautiful hand written notes. We had a video with Daniel Martin where he also had handwritten notes on his. I thought I was the only one. Well… I’m just kidding. This is a great product. What is this? Lily Aldridge told me about this. It’s called Pure Cream Scrub and Clean Wipes. From Kiko Milano. I love Kiko. People don’t know about them. They’re opening up here now. Yeah there are some stores. So this is like a wipe but it’s got almost like grandule texture to it so when you want to wipe the mouth before doing a lip or if someone has really dry lips this is amazing. Genius. Like look at this. So those are all the glosses I have, A lot of Chanel. Yeah, mostly Chanel. These are more like classic lipsticks. I’m one of the few makeup artists, I don’t love palettes. So wait, you don’t de-pot. I don’t love to de-pot, I like the makeup in the packaging. I also like to fish for the color. Why? I’m just a weirdo. Sometimes when you put it in the pot it’s like a commitment issue. I’m a Sagittarius, I have, you know? Okay, so that’s drawer number one. Alright, drawer number one. We have two more. So this is drawer number two. Wow. I get sent foundations all the time. I definitely test the color of them. So Armani is probably my go-to foundation. Nobody makes foundation like Armani. They just don’t. Beautiful. They have a new No. 6 which is great. And these are all just other brands that I use. Koh Gen Do has some really beautiful colors and textures. The Japanese do textures like no one else. True. Love it. Actually for darker skin tones, these are really great. I use these when I’m filming like today. They’re so like creamy. These are from Hourglass and I always have pure white. Why? Let’s say that I’m talking to a makeup artist who can’t afford every Armani foundation You can get a few key colors and add white to anything and you might have four more colors in the range. Woah, that is crafty. So it’s great, I always need white and black. And then I have the Kevin Aucoin because sometimes you have a client who needs the coverage. They’re very pigmented. i feel like sometimes would could even wear it as foundation. You can, you’d have to sheer it out. This is all body, tan, shimmery stuff. Sometimes you need baby oil. You never know when you’re gonna need baby oil. You never know. I do a lot of eyes based on doing eyeliner first. Okay. So these are like, you know, you have your browns and blacks and then all your different colors. Do you prefer a pencil over like a liquid or pen? It depends on the eye your doing but a pencil you can use it in so many different ways that and I can make it soft, I can make it visible just to kind of pull out the eye shape. I use a pencil a lot. Most of the time. Yeah. Excuse us. Watch this. Sit. or just lay down. Good girl! No one knows terry cloth or towels like Chanel. So I just got some of these. Of course, ’cause so fancy. So fancy. This drawer is a mix of things. It has a lot of eyelashes, my brush cleaner from Cinema Secrets. The brushes dry in seconds. It gets everything off. Do you like pour it out? You pour it in a little cup, you dip the brush in the cup, and then you take a tissue and kind of pull the liquid out. This is my makeup, I always keep makeup for every skin tone in my kit. This is additional makeup for darker skin tones. Ooh, what’re some of your favorites? I have Armani foundations again. I do have the No. 13 that they discontinued. These Nars powders are really great. Even these sticks from Black Opal which I think Sam Fine designed, are really great colors to have in your kit. I’ve got like back up brushes in here. Do you have a favorite brush brand? I don’t have a favorite brand, I love- You know it’s- I have some from Chanel, I have some you know, Japonica. Is that what it’s called? It might be a restaurant in Union Square. No no, I think that’s- Japonesque! Japonesque. Japonica is a restaurant in Union Square. This is from Morocco and it is a natural red lip. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. What is this? You wet a lip brush. You dip it in there and it’s almost like a clay and it is the most beautiful red lip stain ever. But it’s gold? Yeah but when you wet it the gold comes off and it’s just red. They been using this in Morocco for I don’t know let’s say hundreds of years. Hundreds of years. We’ll make up our own history. Yeah, at least. I love collecting eyelashes. I like to use them and make then look as natural as possible. If I want a more retro 60’s look I might use a strip lash but usually I do individuals. Okay. I just got sent this Lashify. I’ve heard of this and lots of people I know have used it. I haven’t tried it yet. So they have all these different lengths and densities and what’s cool about this is that- I watched all these Youtube videos about how to put it on ’cause I can’t read directions. I was like, “I’m just going on Youtube.” They are false lashes but they last a long time. So it’s somewhere in between doing individuals for an event and then going and getting them done. Like extensions? Extensions, yes. And I think you apply them underneath? Underneath. Which is so weird. I am dying to try it out. Oooh, well. So I got all of these. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Oh my god you have every one. I have every single one and this is the kit that it comes with. This is amazing. iShimmer? iShimmer, she found me on instagram. Hmmm, I love that. Me too. This is new, I haven’t seen it. Oooh, Schmancy! Wait, can you see the inside there? It has like little nubbins. Wow, I love a nubbin. But if it’s as good as her lashes ’cause these are the most natural eyelashes I’ve found. They’re very whispy. They’re very subtle, if you just want to add volume and not look like you’re wearing a false lash. These are incredible. What the trick to getting false lashes to actually work, adhere, look natural? Let the glue dry a little bit. Put it on your hand. You know, you can kind of blow on it. Let it get a little tacky. You need really good light, a really good mirror. And I would say lift your chin and take the tweezer and you can use your actual lashes to steady your hand. Put it on top of your lashes and then slide into the base. So you said that all of these drawers are things that you grab for you kit all the time, do you have your kit here? I have lots of kits and lots of sizes. Well, I’d love to see them. Okay, cool. Let’s look. So you have four kits here, do you have a fifth one too? I’ve got a lot of baggage. You really do! I mean you carry full sized products with you. So that makes sense. This is like the essential kit. Hair down. Makeup artists and their kits. A very special relationship. It is. This one is like, your best friend is getting married in Italy and you know her and know her shades. and what is this one. I don’t know, that ones like extra.. Burton bags are the best bags. And if you see someone in an airport with a burton bag, they’re probably either hair or makeup or a stylist. Now you’re going to get their bags stolen! Yeah right? And otherwise these roller bags are amazing because they’re so light. Can we just like peak inside for a sec? These are all you know, pencils. It’s almost like a CD case from the 90s. These are pencils that I actually need to grab like brown, black, lip liner. Like these are my go-to’s How much time do you spend organizing your kit? It’s a lot. I need to have an assistant come over and help because otherwise I get side tracked and won’t do it. Open this up. I love creams so this has all of my cream eyeshadows. Jillian Dempsey just sent me her entire line. I often start and eye with a cream base and then build upon that. You know misting spray. Eyeshadows and blush in these palettes right here. So you do use palettes. Not for lips, yeah. This is my only lip palette. Why is it just the one? This has like the best of everything and I know I’m not going to get tired of it. and then these are both lips. These whole things. These are blushes and cream blushes. Skincare. Ooh, skincare. What do you use on yourself? I’d have to show you, it’s a long conversation. Ooh, I want to have that conversation. Let’s go! Okay. So this is the bathroom and this is where I keep all of my personal products. This is fabulous, look at this mirror. I’m lucky because I have real natural light. I mean, makeup artists are obsessed about light. The only thing I actually really need to work. And then we have this light. Talk about light. You’ve got good stuff. Look at how organized. What should we talk about first? Well, everyone always asks me what the #1 anti-aging you know, product out there? And what is it? Sunblock. No one likes to hear the answer, it’s super not fun. Yeah we are both very fair. Actually this line, Supergoop. It’s weightless. And it has some of the silicones that are often in primers. I think that this could actually be a makeup primer. The unseen sunscreen by Supergoop. Yeah, it’s completely clear. It’s completely clear and it has no texture to it and I bet it makes your makeup last longer. Yeah, it’s just a silicone. The other two things that I’m really big on besides that, is that I love these two- There’s the alpha-hydroxy acid I use at night and I use this beta-hydroxy acid in the morning. This is from Paula’s Choice. Actually I have Dermatitis. Sometimes I get really dry around my nose and my eyebrows. This salicylic acid is a derivative or aspirin. So it’s literally like calming your face. I use it as an after shave too because my skin feels raw afterwards and I’ll put this on. This is a shop in the west village called, let’s guess. (Attempts French) Oh, you’re good. You have a good french accent. It’s a very similar oil to the oil that our body produces. So people who don’t like feeling greasy, it’s a great one to start. And they also sell fragrances there so I put the rose fragrance I bought in the oil and kind of made my own homemade oil. Oh my gosh, yum! Isn’t that nice? you have Homeoplasmine, I see? Homeoplasmine, this is like my go to. My lips are always like- Perpetually dry? I like give it away. I’ll go to someones house and leave it as a thank you. Oh my god! The best thing ever! I don’t know what’s going on in there. I don’t know what it is. It is the best. These pads I love They’re from this brand called- Are these the cranberry ones? yeah, they’re fab! They’re great, when you just kind of like you know lazy and you just wanna like- I love your little Chanel cups. Where’d you get those from? They sent them to me, they’re like cups and you can put your makeup brushes in them and I put like all my tools in there. Nail clippers! This is something everyone needs especially if there’s guys watching. I always throw those out ’cause I don’t know what to do with them? Rounded edge scissor for nose hair. And no one wants to talk about it. Yeah, that’s not really a problem I have But men! You can’t cut yourself cause its a rounded edge so that’s one thing that men need to do also I use this Lenore Greyl oil. I’ll use it on body, face, and hair. It’s kind of all purpose. It’s amazing. This is good for dry hair. It’s a styling cream. Love that and then I don’t know a hair stylist that doesn’t use the Orbe texturizing spray. ‘Cause if you don’t, you’re crazy. Anything, you have dry, you have oily you know, whatever, it’s like the best. Have you ever had to do a clients hair? No, I won’t do that. No, no, no, no. you never know, in case of emergency. Exactly. Well, let’s talk about this bathtub ’cause it’s gorgeous. Thanks. It’s giant. I love taking baths, I always have. I usually have various scents and you know sometimes a bath oil, a bath gel. These are actually bath salts. They Epsom salts. I call it a poor mans massage, like when I can’t afford a massage I will put in a whole thing of- Like this entire thing? Totally. You do it before bed and you just pass out. It is the best. This is such an interesting soap, it has nothing in it that- There’s no chemicals. It’s just like super natural. But it’s ISOE Super which is that fragrance that’s like a molecule. I think a vegan could even use it. Oh me! This I love. It smells so Italian. Almond oil? I like want to drink that. I know, it’s so good! Oh my god! If you don’t mind, you can just show yourself out. You’re jsut gonna get right in the tub? Come on, Carol! Carol, join. Come up. You can jsut show yourself out, thank you! Bye! Bye Quin! Enjoy your bath!


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