Changing your medication search options in eClinicalWorks

in this video we will review the process so that you can adjust your settings for searching for favorite medications or the standard medications first when we're in the treatment window and you go to prescribe a medication you have a couple of different options for example you can have it show the standard medications only your favorites or both which will show standards and my favorites if you have both selected it will show your favorites on top and then the standard prescriptions down below normally this will save so it always comes up the same way if you decide that you want to change this you can do this in the my settings section to get there you need to close the other windows so you're back at the EMR main window and now go up to the file menu scroll most of the way down to the settings option and then slide over to my settings you click that the my settings window will appear you'll see multiple tabs click the tab called defaults – and about two-thirds of the way down you'll see this option default for drug dosages look up here you can decide if you want the standard list to show up all your favorites or both be aware that any changes that you make in my settings will prompt you to log out and log in once however you only have to do this when you make changes


  1. I've had an endless issue with IT claiming you should be able to enter non numerical characters (ie. "mg") in the "dispense" field, except the ECW application seems to disagree (error message). Does anyone know or had success adding non numerical characters in the "dispense" field?

  2. When I'm going to print an RX I can't not find the area where I can add **to be filled on*** on the prescription. So I can post date a RX. I like to write 2 months at a time but unless i add on the RX **to be filled on (example 8/2015)** their RX expires, since it's valid for 30 days. I'm sorry to bother you. Thank you

  3. Question, how do you add a field to the RX? On controlled RXs I need to add "to be filled on (add date)". Thanks for any help you can provide.

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