Channeling Erik: The Spiritual Basis for Disease, Part One

oh hi Jenny how are you doing I hear it's raining hard over there okay Eric how are you doing sweetie having a lot of action over the last two or three weeks with people's homes it's probable you know what viewers beware because a lot of the people who have viewed these YouTube started getting pranked by him so I'm not surprised so Eric you're gonna promise to prank them right nothing too creepy nothing's you sleepy oh yeah well Eric we're going to talk about the cheery topic of disease and disorders you know he knows that there's a physical reason for them but let's just start off with a general topic if there's some sort of is there some sort of general reason why we get either body disorders or diseases or brain disorders and diseases okay we'll carry on well I'm just wondering why we get anything at all why don't we just perfectly housing with no mental or physical issues is there something on a spiritual level some reason spiritually decided to be independent on our own and feed ourselves what we want to feed ourselves do what we wanted to do we chose to stop listening to our body's needs what was best for us skimming off the skimming off the surface I don't really know what he's comparing it to skimming off the surface like let's say for example I'm asking him to give an example Candy's not good for you but if you have one piece no it's not our job but if you have one piece on a regular basis then you're not just the surface you're one time about spiritually parent for example it's hard to say what's he trying to teach us is it trying to give us a signal in general you're in complete control over it this is we're fucked up just enough to believe that we don't have control that some external force has the better answers has better direction and we become shape the whole spiritual lesson on the care of our physical body in general is that you are in control over your physical health your destinies your perceptions your belief systems everything yourself ok I should I should practice cussing before I come on these and then I pause as much but I could just see you and I could just see you in the mirror just you know testing officer square saying all sorts of swear words he's going off about marketing and he's going off and he said you know I'm just looking at our culture here in the now I'm not looking through history or while we're stepping into in the future but the way that our companies have grown the way that our governments have grown we have divided the people into ones that follow and ones that lead and for some reason we're extremely comfortable with the idea and it's not the true reality every one is a leader of their own lives in their own health their own spiritual destinies contracts things of that nature but there's some kind of surrender that people just let go of and when we're presented with illnesses and diseases it's giving us an option to learn who we are to be still more because I'll tell you one thing mom I don't care if it's if it's a broken leg if it's an injury and accident disease and illness if it's short one old flu all this time to think and then what do you need to take care of yourself and that you gotta rest it's just their blessings and disguises but people don't want to see that right to believe that when you're healthy is the good track it's the positive thing it's the best thing and then when you have an illness or a disease or an injury or an accident something like that is the negative it's the bad thing is there's nothing in life you really want to avoid because there's no bad there's no good right so walking this fine line that being on the right path and doing the right damned thing damn saying Cameron quotes oh wait his wasted fucking energy he's like just stop it you gotta stay with yourself for who you are you got to stay in the now you got to let yourself be who you are now argue that if you are you are what if you are alright so there are some things in life that are attractive and if this is what the person needed to manifest then they succeeded they did the right to see for themselves whether they consciously want to agree to it or not it is presenting them with a life choice that will help them restructure their belief systems restructure how they live their lives so they can have the one that is best suited for them not best for not best for everybody in the fuckin world just best for them it's like a mumble you turn your head always talking about President Obama was the guy the singer had the mic music peace out or whatever he took the mic and he just dropped it oh where do we go with that one all right let's go you must be ready to go on all right let's talk about some some specific diseases first let's talk about kind of a general what about pain what is the spiritual basis for pain and how can we resolve it and how can how can we approach it from the spiritual standpoint the safe right so it's a function that's needed but when we're talking about he's assuming that you're asking why people sign up for this or why it happens spiritually pain helps a person stay grounded in the physical body whenever the physical body is screaming louder than the emotional body or the mental body he says you know you're out of balance and commonly the body is screaming because your mental body doesn't want to take the time to recognize what exactly the physical body needs we've been programmed to think ignorant is bliss if we ignore that little bit of a twinge it'll go away with time we're not really signed up in our American culture that maintenance is required to stay healthy we just have this expectation that our bodies are kick-ass and that they're going to repair themselves and most of the time they can but we actually need attention from the mental body and the emotional body and that doesn't happen unless we get someone in our lives not just a physical doctor meaning a doctor who addresses the physical body but somebody in our life who can also help us with mental structures be it meditation therapy and someone who can help us with our emotional acceptance of our physical pain or physical condition so many people were in the Shu of chronic pain they go to their physician and they say okay this is what's happening this decision says all right I'm looking at your physical body when they should be looking at the belief system what is the mind doing for the body because when the two aren't working together you do get a chronic pain his staff in his chest is my personal belief is that nobody needs to live in chronic pain it is the brain picking up on a signal that is his guesstimate that was more accurate his guest of it is that 60 to 70 percent of the signals that you that your brain receives aren't even accurate that it's a phantom signal and you're actually not in pain and that if you had somebody who knew neurological awareness brain functions that this could easily just be rewired and the bulk of the pain would be gone then you would be dealing specifically with the physical injury and that would come with maintenance care and physical therapy and get sometimes surgery assisted a long story short chronic pain are people who are signing up to the idea that they cannot do for themselves that they have to have some kind of our pain quality because they are not strong enough to overcome what it is and they said I apologize if I'm pushing people's buttons because you might be sitting there with chronic pain and damn well saying you're the best fucking fighter there is out there and that you've done everything under the Sun but I'll guarantee it if you haven't reached your end results that you want you haven't done everything under the Sun and that somewhere along the line you decided that the fight that you were giving was all that you had and you've reached a dead end we all create our own dead ends you can create a window right next to you and crawl out that shit if you want to but sometimes people need dead ends they have to feel they're trapped that nobody's helping them that they're alone and really like I said before what they're needing is a physician he's calling it a mental therapist and that again could be the meditation the belief systems have thought patterns are wrapped around disease illness pain and then you need someone your body and they says until we get a health care system that's structured like that you're gonna have to go out there and fucking handpick those people yourself bitch and complain for them to communicate to returner or just carry your fuckin files every time you go into an office hand them over so that everybody knows what's going on but you are in control I'm having a pain-free disease-free body and it's absolutely good all right listen let's talk about a situation I'll call it that is very dear to my heart since I had eye surgery the last couple of weeks why do people have I trouble like myopia you know nearsightedness farsightedness cataracts macular degeneration glaucoma because we're looking at it spiritually right right of course um he says we could take it right off the top pretty easy you look at it I let you do see shit I clarity I don't get ready he's talking about the funny funny fucking thing one thing you can't rely on lazy funny funny fucking thing is the masses believe that what you see is the truth you know the reality of things and that's not the case whatsoever we've talked about many optical illusions that occur you cannot rely solely on this sense their information you have to rely on others so often when when people are having talked about two things he can talk so fast that I feel like I'm gonna we're not gonna back around and get to everything so I try to remind him in my head two things is that sometimes person because they're relying on it too much and they need to tap into other senses to gain information to gain clarity to gain truth for themselves the other one is that the person is not relying on the eyes so much so therefore they're not maintained and therefore they can kind of go this is we're just looking at this in a very broad spiritual energetic okay well I remember a while back he was talking about how in some cases visual problems are due to the fat that we take that person takes okay anything else on that Oh what is he doing now alright well let's go ahead and wrap up part 1 I'd like to say that if you want to find more out about Jamie Butler you can go to a site with love and light calm that's WI th for unis who do not notice though with l.o.v.e and then a nd Li gh T calm and then you can also visit Eric's blog at channeling Eric with a ke calm but you will see you later for part 2 thank you guys bye


  1. Can you do one on Biofilms? I’m struggling from biofilm infection from filler. It in Lymes Disease. Big problem!

  2. why does someone in spirit feel the need to swear? that would indicate to me at least EGO, I thought spirit does not have EGO?

  3. Such a shame its sooo hard for people to find out what is causing their illness, even when sincere seekers try all manner of solutions and self help and still cannot find out the answer, then that seems to me so unfair.. you may know you could do so much but you just cannot break through, and so many healers do not understand either!

  4. Fun Erik pranks. 2013-08-14 – A fly mysteriously appears in my room while I am watching Erik's videos with Elisa and Jamie. There is no way for the fly to just come in. It is an Erik fly. Cool! The fly eventually settles down on my tea mug & I leave it be. The next morning I empty my tea mug, make fresh coffee, and on my second cup notice something on my tongue. It is the fly from last night! GROSS! 🙂 LOL Now I know this mug, coffee filter, & coffee grounds were clean. Great practical joke!

  5. Yes of course. If I had the choice for him to be here, but happy even though he'd be helping so many people like he is now, I'd be selfish and want that.

  6. Erik sort of downloads what he says as fast as she can get it into her head. Sometimes she doesn't even remember what he said!

  7. There is no wrong because everything is a lesson. We learn from the wrong doings of others and ourselves. We're on a path, and yes, we often stray, but those are just detours. We always get to the destination. In the interview with Jesus (which will be on the blog only a few more days,) Jesus says we need to learn the difference between right and wrong at first so that we can understand that there is no right or wrong. That's hard to understand, I know. Check out the interview.

  8. I can't remember what it stands for, actually, but it really works. It has to do with tapping on certain meridians of the electromagnetic field of and around your body while saying certain things (pretty much the same as thought when you say things and thought is energy.) You can find examples on YouTube. I like the one with the young guy with dark hair. Look up "Introduction to EFT" (I think).

  9. Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. Never have read about this EFT. Will read the posting and try it. 🙂

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