Chicago PD – How’s Therapy? (Deleted Scene)

-Sorry I’m late.
-Late night? -Early morning. Last mandatory session
with the shrink. -Oh. You gonna keep seeing her? -Negative.
-Can’t hurt. -Yeah, you know,
it’s become like 50 minutes of cop war stories. I’d rather be
at Ma’s with the boys. It worked, it helped,
I’m moving on. -All right. -What’s the play with Antonio?
-Surveillance and takedown. Once Antonio confirms the
product’s arrived, we move in. He says it’s okay
to cuff him and be rough. He doesn’t want
to break his cover. -You think I have issues.


  1. I'm glad they took this out. I don't really see him confiding in her like this. At least not yet. They're still getting to know one another. Last part was funny though.

  2. I love them❤ Nice couple✨ I want more uptead💕 Saludos desde Santiago del estero,Argentina 😘😘

  3. Even their dialogue is friendly and supportive and even Upton going out of her way to ask how Jay is coping offering to listen and hear him is another major difference she has than Detective childhood Misery.

  4. Upton is my favorite character. Aww look how she cares for halstead. I want to see how this relationship is going before they date. I kinda hope they do!

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