Chicken Therapy in Care Home

all older Australians living on their own often enjoy having a cat or dog for company but a pet of a different kind is showing a remarkable ability to improve health and well-being every morning or brie lavis collects the eggs from the henhouse then settles down with his pet Bantam Priscilla I saw the movie miss Priscilla Annette Queen of the desert and Scheck’s disliked them like a prima donna that’s what you can use it like the other residents in this care home always being given a hand as a pet to help combat social isolation and loneliness here’s a friend he’s more than dead get to cure I have very very light hand at me the stroking and the patting of a very important and very relaxing but also they’re caring for and looking after the trucks gives them a purpose I have a look in there oh something’s there so I go down and get it it’s a project called hen power being trialed in homes run by the Whidden group the residents are called tensioners that relies on them to stroh to be fed to be watered to talk to to be loved and that’s what they look as no studies of hen power show it’s doing wonders for people in care homes it’s boosting well-being and reducing anxiety and depression and often the need for medication there are plans for hen power to be adopted in care homes nationally Helen Wellings Seven News

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