Child Care & First Aid : How to Treat a Boil

You’re interested in knowing how to treat
a boil. My name is Beverly Bitterman, ARNP Health and Wellness Consultant, and I’m here
to give you a few tips and strategies about that. Perhaps the voil-boil is on your face.
Maybe it’s under your arms, perhaps in your groin, in your inner thighs. Boils typically
show up in places that are moist and dark and places that maybe have a hair follicle.
Some boils happen because they basically started out as an ingrown hair and then it becomes
like a little pimple and a boil is really a big pimple. It has pus inside of it, and
the goal with treating a boil is to get it to come to a head and to release the pus.
Once the pus is gone, your body will heal itself naturally. So, our strategies involve
increasing blood flow to the area where the boil is, and the best way to do that is heat;
and in particular, moist heat. So, if the boil is on the lower part of your body, sits
baths work. You know, so in other words, filling the tub with some warm water and sitting in
there for fifteen or twenty minutes. If you can do that more than once a day, that’s great.
The other strategy is to take a wash cloth, hold it under the hot water tap, ring it out,
and then put that on your face or wherever the boil might be. You can also use a heating
pad for ten or fifteen minutes, and you can also use some of these packs that are good
for sinus pain and other things. You can heat them up in the microwave for about a minute,
and then put that on-on the area; perhaps, on top of your wash cloth so that in case
if it does break, it won’t go on your pack here. The most important thing is to keep
it clean and dry. If it starts to ooze out, but the oozing is good. It’s expected. It’s
what we want. If you don’t get oozing, then you need to think about going to see your
doctor, and I would say if the boil is bigger than a nickel, and if you can’t get it to
come to a head and ooze in a day or so, you’re better off to see your physician because what
they can do is take a, something sterile and lance it and let that pus drain out. And that
will speed up your healing process and make you feel better. Meanwhile, drink lots of
water to hydrate your body and my name is Beverly Bitterman, ARNP Health and Wellness
Consultant and good luck with getting rid of that boil.


  1. Boil-tastic! Thanks for the advice, so i am taking the, 'apply heat advice' and i'm off to use the iron. That should speed the process up.

  2. there is an oinment which is "OSMOPAK PLUS"
    is used it on boils 3 to 4 times a day for 4-5 days, after that, mix 1/2 portion of osmopak with 1/2 portion of bacitran (antibiotic cream) of 2-3 days.
    it did wonders for me!!!!

  3. ive got 1 on my back its huge and i can harly move about it hurt that much cant even touch it gona t

  4. Ok my friend roslyn stayed and she stayed the night with me and she had a boil on her stomach and it started oozing out white stuff and blood ew but then I saw this vid and it saved us cause I passed out while she was freaking out so thanks for this vid!

  5. @AndromechA nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boils on ur neck is worse … espically wen u lance it

  6. @112twinkle i just got one.. about 2 inch in diameter… right now its just hard and red and it hurts and itches like hell

  7. Also found silver spray that u can get from homeopaths and t.c.p work well iv had so many i cant count them all but iv discussed it with doctors anti botics work but they need to b taken with things to boost ur emune system

  8. What if you got rid of one that was under your arm, and now, it left a red spot!!! Does anyone know how to get that to go away?! Please respond fast if you do!!!! :C

  9. i have a boil in near my balls.. it's excruciatingly painful to walk, but nonetheless had to take some pain reliever..

  10. My boil doesn't hurt nor is it itchy. It's just about the size of a pea and full of pus and a little blood and it's also a little soft and I'm scared 🙁

  11. I have a boil on my lower back it really hurts I can't walk it's not oozing and it's huge and I already got at least 20 and I'm 12 HELP!!

  12. I used to suffer from boils all over my body, sometimes it hurt so badly I couldn't even walk, you should really check out, it worked for me and I barely get them anymore, and the ones I get aren't very hurtful

  13. yea me too i ended up going to the doctor, and yea it was a staph infection but he also told me that its caused by itching or picking your nose and then scratching your skin till it bleeds,thats how its caused for me he said because the nose has staph in it already so yea

  14. I get boils on my behind and this will ruin my football career I'm 14 and I've had boils for about almost 2 years butt we went to my doctor to see if I have staff infection and it turned out negative but why do my boils come back??? They come back like every month or two. And some can be big I get them on my Lower body only not my upper but I need to know why it comes back I dnt hav staff infection.

  15. what is a good way to keep them away? My boil comes up on my back side and it hurts really bad!!! I cant sit or stand and it makes my legs weak.

  16. i had one near my neck, its disgustting , The pus came out and i cleaned it right now it oozing and I feel sick just looking at it. but it has left to big wholes (like tunnels) and it is oozing, is it going to stay like this or will it heal and live no scar?

  17. I had two boils on my chest, one very large painful one and one small one. I had them 5 days before i went to the doctor and he said it was infected so he put me on antibiotics. Last night they both busted open and i woke up in the middle of the night covered in blood. I washed it all off and covered it with some gauze and a sterile pad. Is it normal for them to bleed like that?

  18. Had one near my private! VERY painful! I cut a piece of tomato put on it and sat on heating pad within 5 hrs it busted!!

  19. I have one on my ass .-. Hurts every timeout I sit down soo I might be going to the doctors next week or today /. came to head keeps bursting

  20. I had one next to my private area. Cut up a potato & put in on there with a gauss to hold it on. Within an hour it was half way down.

  21. yea im gonna pay a doctor a few hundred dollars to poke a big pimple with a sterile needle and squeeze it? I think i'll try home surgery thanks, sewing needle, rubbing alcohol, and gauze pad

  22. Ive got one on my upper inner thigh groin area it hurttttttssss and wont come to a head or drain its been days!

  23. Use a glass cup that can cover ur boil, boil hot water, put the glass cup inside it n wait till it heats up the grab it n cover ur ass or whereever the boil is.wait till it pops out


  25. I used to have huge ones all over my stomach and arms 1 on my buttocks cx
    I just pop it till it drains
    I don't like going to the doctor because when my brother had one thy put a gauze in his and he still complains that it hurts so yeha

  26. I have 4 boils already wtf 2 of them are growing but they dont have heads yet it started from one in my leg now the leg one is cured but the 2 more really hurts

  27. have a boil on my butt  but has never popped. been abt a year now of it coming and going and it came back this time and it hurts SOOO bad! i cant even sit 🙁 warm water/ heat did nothing, hurts to bad to even touch and am WAY to scared to go to drs. what can i do at home?

  28. ok everyone, so i previously posted abt a very large, very painful boil i had on my butt and was way to scared to go to dr after videos i had seen online of them draining boils. i had searched high and low for for some type of relief and was willing to try ANYTHING! i came across a video on and it was just some person talking abt how she had done research on boils and how to rid them for a good year and came up with a mixture that had worked really well for her friend. it was equal parts dried mustard, parsley flakes, baking soda and castor oil, u mix it up and it becomes a paste and u apply it to the boil and leave it over night and it will bring it to a head and may even pop on its own. now my boil was extremely large and deep but i was willing to try anything. made the mix, applied it to boil for 2 nights and it popped! it POPPED… as in its gone, no longer there, i can sit comfortably! after years of having this boil and looking everywhere and trying everything… this simple mixture of 4 everyday household items was the solution! been trying to find this video ever since to thank this lady but have been unsuccessful 🙁 but it does work! if u have a painful boil that wont go away… give this a shot… what do you have to lose right? that was my thinking anyway and now mine is gone! see ya! 😀

  29. I got one in my ear the side of my temple and on my upper cheek on the front of my face. How am i suppose to go to school with this shit on my face fuck puberty might as well kill myself.

  30. I have one on my cheek. but the thing is that it's on the inside so it feels like a rock when I touch it. it doesn't grow or anything. but it has been the same size for a while now I'd say a year or 2 and nothing bad has happened. but I wanna get rid of it. it's not noticeable either. but I know it's there

  31. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about natural home remedies for boils try Fezervin Boil Vanish Coach (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  32. I'm investigating treating boils at home and found a fantastic resource at Delfords Boil Blog (look it up on google)

  33. I have one in my upper right butt cheek its been 4 days it hurts to bad it swollen & hard it hasent puss yet. so i tried your remedie of a warm cloth & i also put salt i put it on the boil it made the swelling go down & it dont hurt as much .ama keep doin it hopefully it poops .

  34. My way of thinking is backwards and I'm thinking I might have one or several on my brain… is this possible? Thank you

  35. when i was 15. i had one in my thigh, it was big, i cant barely move and i was having fever. it was terrible experience!

  36. Thank you so much. Nice tips. Btw, do we also need to take antibiotics? secondly, this is the fourth time I have a boil since I was a kid tot. I had 2 as a tot. But this year, I have twice a boil in the same spot on my left side cheek near the left ear. I read that it can be due to the bacterian staph. I thought this is starting after either because I always shake hands in the church, before the communion, since it is the required ritual in the Catholic church. But I am thinking why it can be recurrence in the same spot. The first time this year 2018 beginning, I had it, but it did not ooze out the pus. I took antibiotics, then it is gone. But last week, after I go again to church, for daily masses, and always shake hands with strangers, not long after that, the boil recurrent again the same spot,

  37. I had my boil for three years and only now has it opened up. The ooze smells really bad. I made a second hole with a needle but it was a mistake. It looks so much better now though. I thought it was a wart

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