Child Choking | 60 Second First Aid

(graphic booms) – If your child is choking, it’s really important you check to see if there’s anything obvious. If there is remove it with
your finger and thumb. Don’t finger sweep. If they are completely silent,
you want to help them quickly. If they can cough though,
let them keep coughing. Lean them forward. So if they’re silent, lean them forward, put your hand on their chest, or put them down across your lap, and hit them firmly
between the shoulder blades (hand whacks) and check
(hand whacks) and check, up to five times. If it doesn’t come out
on up to five times, phone an ambulance. Second line treatment. Make a fist, put it under the ribcage, in and up, up to five times,
then back to back blows (hand whacks) and check
(hand whacks) and check and if they start to lose consciousness you need to be ready to give CPR.

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