1. Good speech mam
    Aana enakku oru doubt. Veetla en pasanga same neenga sonna maadhiri chair settai seivaanga naanum en husband um santham potriukom. Neenga sonna maadhiri naanga adhai thiruthi kolgirom. Aana vezhlila idhey maadhiri settai seivaangaley appo mathavanga adha disturb ah dhana ninaipaangaley. Vezhli idangalla enga pillaingala naanga kandikka neridumey. Appo andha nerathla pillainga naanga soldradha kekka maatangaley. Vezhli idangalla ellar munnaadiyum enga pillaingala naanga asinga padutha mudiyadhey. Avanga manasu odanchuraadha???????? Idhukku enna solla poringa… Unga badhil enna mam.

  2. Thank you so much mam.becouse its very useful for me and spl for my husband.every words are true my mind little free now iam too much worry abt my kids.thanks a lot ple mam give me whatsup nomber.iam from sri lanka now iam living in italy how i contec with u.

  3. I don’t believe exactly , in practical kids are all not same . u ask to be patient when kids rotate a chair . What will u do when ur kid throw iPad in water or iPhone or any phone in water or so still u keep calm, be practical just on Mike U can’t get everything

  4. Well said mam…i like your speech and the way of making to understand children’s brain and activities…👍

  5. Really love you m
    am . What you said that is needs to this generation parents. Really this type of guidence is very important now a days

  6. Wow very inspiring speech.i could feel the enthusiasm that she has within to speak about children's welfare.

  7. Excellent speech, i hv taken up ur words, we parents hv less time n more work for thinking cooking or take rest n hence deviate in our responsibility to play n spend time with our kid. Will find n spend time with my son. Mam My kid is in NGP school where u are the counsellor (child psychologist). I want you to meet all parents n give such speech. Thank you.Sridevi

  8. Really super mam u r telling truth I really realize my self how should I good thank you so much for ur motivational speech thanks a lot mam

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