Children’s Therapy & Family Resource Centre

We are an agency that is a non profit agency that works with families alongside them. So it’s very non-threatening and we work
to provide them with therapies – all types of therapies,
occupational therapy, physiotherapy speech and language, we support children
that are working in daycare’s or preschool. Basically any child from 0-19 that has any sort of problems or concerns,
behavior, physical, we would have that child come and see us and we
will try to work with them and see how we can support and help them. A family-centered philosophy, which is really what our centre is based on really comes from the idea that the child and their family are central to the whole process and we are just really the satellites around that and that our work needs to focus on their culture, their wants, their needs, and all those sorts of things for their child. They provide me with skills that I can use at home, things that I wouldn’t think to even use, so I can order from here, they send me home with therapy tools, they come to appointments
with me to other people in the community, they really have my back. Discuss with them what are you concerned about, what’s going on for you, tell us a bit about your child, what kind
of things are they good at, what kind of things do you love about them and what kind of things are frustrating for you right now. We have a parent look at their child and they identify when, where, their best guess of why and their best description of what happened and then we analyze that data to figure out really what’s going on. When I see children run into the centre and run to the therapy room and say
hello to one of my staff and my staff say hello back to them and
you can just see that connection. Play is it for children. Play is how they learn things, play is how they interact with others, it’s how they figure out what’s going on in their world and how they have fun and relax and find
joy in the world. So we use play to sort of achieve our ends, so the activities that we need children to do and the movements that we need them to
practice. Play is so important, going outside and just as adults we need that variety of experiences to have a rounded life. And then you see the family sort of going, hi! And there’s an interaction of how’s it been going and the mom’s talking or the dad’s talking and our staff are talking and the child is excited, that to me is what it’s all about because then you know there’s going to be a great little connection and you know there’s going to be some work done. Seeing their progress and seeing them excel reassures me that I’m doing a good job and reassures the families that they picked the right place and the outcome is the best outcome. The kids have quality of life, they’re doing things that other people
said they would never do. I think every interaction that I’ve had in the past seven years with these families and children have
been rewarding and just pick one situation, I’m not sure I could because sometimes it can be the simplest
thing and the change that you can make for a family or a parent, that can be rewarding and we make that child’s life easier and we try to make that child’s life
quality for what they want. They all can change. I’ve worked with lots and lots of kids with very extremely challenging behaviours and they all changed. They all changed for the better. It’s amazing because if I didn’t have these supports here, I would have to travel. Either Kelowna, I already have to travel to Vancouver a lot anyways, so just to have this here is really beneficial, especially for my family. And if we can make a difference so that that child looks back and thinks, you know, that person cared about me and my well-being. And it didn’t matter that I couldn’t run the same as someone else or I couldn’t do something the same as my friend, I’m just as special as that person, that’s our goal. Wed

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