Choking Adult | First Aid

joking if someone appears to be choking if they’re seriously choking they wouldn’t be able to make a sound they might be clutching their throat they might be looking very red very scared and unable to make a sound and really struggling to breathe keep everything as calm as possible more stress they get the harder it would be for them to breathe so keep things calm first of all encourage them to cough if they’re able to cough then they may be able to dislodge the obstruction themselves if they’re unable to cough you need to help them quickly lean forward put your hand on their chest to support them and then you’re going to hit them hard like that and you would do that up to five times checking each time to see if the obstructions come out so up to five times hard back bones if that hasn’t worked your second line treatment is the Heimlich maneuver you would make a fist like that you put it between under the ribcage and the tummy button and you pull in and up in a j-shaped movement and you would do that hard and fast so you go under their arm like this up like this and hopefully during that motion will actually dislodge whatever is stuck and it will come out quite quickly there’s always second line treatment because doing the back those you’re not going to do any harm doing the abdominal thrusts you can actually do a bit of damage so second line treatment they should always be checked out by medic afterwards you would do five back blows five of those if necessary five more of those five of those you keep checking to see if it comes out if they’re able to make a noise it means that there’s air starting to come in and out which is good news if they start to lose consciousness you need to dance CPR quickly get an ambulance on the way fast I would be calling an ambulance right at the start when you find out that they’re choking you’ve done the five back blows if it hasn’t come out at that point I would get an ambulance all the way

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