Choking Child | First Aid

Choki chose the serious joke in the initial science would be that they perform very red in the face they might be very quiet and Spriggans breathe and probably clutching their throat first of all see if it can come nice and calm calm as you can the car way you are the car believe me if they’re able to calm and dislodge it themselves then there is so much easier when you want me to do anything else if they can’t cope how quick look at the map and see if there’s anything obvious anything really obvious thing going home and remove it do not finger sweep or poke your finger fan of throat because you will make things worse next what you need to do is report them on their chest leave it forward if it’s a smaller chance you may will find it’s easier to put them across your lap like this head down and hit them hard and check and check when you are checking you’re looking to see if there’s something able to cry or you can see whatever it was stuck on the floor or if they’re sick those are great signs and it means that hopefully the obstruction is out and if they’re able to cry it means there’s air coming in and out which means they can breathe second line treatment if it hasn’t worked if it don’t want Frost you would only ever do this on a child over the age of 1 on a baby you would do chest thrusts those on the job over the age of 1 you can make a fist like that you put it between their tummy button and under the ribcage you’ll even forward and pull in and up in a j-shaped motion hard and fast and whatever stuff should be propelled out if it isn’t you are actually checking each time five of those they’re back to five backwards I would get an ambulance all the way after the initial five back blows if accent work so just to recap first of all check to see if they can call if they can’t cough you need to help them quickly calm as you can and just leave or otherwise down over here and part five back blows by abdominal thrusts my back those five abdominal thrusts keep going until the child becomes unconscious or the obstruction comes out if the child comes up butchers you’ll need to do CPR straight away make sure the ambulance is on its way

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