Choosing a Bathroom Mirror | Illuminated, LED, Heated, Magnifying & Bluetooth

Hi my name is Vic and I’m here to tell to
you about the extensive range of bathroom mirrors we have available. Adding a mirror to your bathroom can make
it feel more spacious and lighter. Our most popular design is the illuminated
bathroom mirror. These mirrors include energy saving LED lights and backlit versions which
offer an ambient lighting. If your bathroom mirror often steams up then
take a look at our heated mirrors range, which are an ideal option to prevent this build
up of steam. Carrying out your daily routine has never
been easier with the help of a magnifying mirror. This type of mirror is great for everyday
tasks such as applying make up or shaving. Looking for a designer bathroom with modern
features? Take a look at our mirrors with music range
which feature the latest in bluetooth technology. These mirrors include speakers for playing
your favourite music. Should you require any further advice or help
please feel free to get in touch.

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