Choosing The Best Sized Bathroom Mirror For Above Your Bathroom Vanity

>> Julia: Hi there, my name is Julia. I am with In today’s video, I just wanted to share just
a quick story from some clients that I met with recently that were shopping for vanities
and mirrors for multiple bathrooms and really it’s just to share with you how not to choose
a bathroom mirror to go with your vanity. We have lots of mirrors in our showroom here
in Dallas. The way they were looking at these mirrors
was they would just look in the mirror and say, okay, well, yeah, there’s enough workable
space for me in the mirror. I think this will work fine and the one particular
application they were talking about, fortunately we talked about this out loud, was that they
were looking at aóthey got a nine foot vanity in their master bath, which is obviously very
large. It was a double sink and so they were looking
at two matching mirrors that we had. We were going to hang individual mirrors,
which can be reallyóa really cool thing to do and you don’t even need to do matching
mirrors. It could be two different mirrors to really
add some flair to the bathroom. But the point of the story is, is their standing
here and they were talking about it and they were really close to buying these two mirrors
and when I got into the details and they told me it was nine foot. These particular mirrors they were looking
at were only 27 inches wide. So if you put that in perspective, laying
out what nine feet looks like and what two 27-inch mirrors look like, you could clearly
see that it would be way disproportionate. Even if you were going to have some additional
sconce lights or other things on the wall, it would not look right. So moral of the story is, do not choose your
mirror just based on looking at it and saying, ‘oh I really like the design and the style
and I can see exactly what I need to see for it to be useable for me to use it when I’m
getting ready because that is not the way to do it. I guarantee you could end up with a very disproportionate
size of mirror to vanity. You can check out one of our other videos
about how to measure for the perfect size mirror. But I just thought this was a great story
to share. If you have any questions you can give us,
a call at 866-526-1843 and you can always visit us online at


  1. Thank you so very much! That was very helpful. I appreciate the story. Visuals can help enhance this video but other than that you were very helpful with the example! ^_^

  2. Great tip. One commenter said she needed to see more visuals and less talk, but I thought your explanation was clear.

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