Chris Wark – Medicine is NOT Science-Based

Well we know that there are hundreds, if not
thousands, of side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs. I mean it’s too many to even talk
about. But any pharmaceutical drug is an unnatural substance, it’s a chemical that was never
meant to be put in the body and it causes a — an unnatural biochemical reaction in
the body that will have unintended side effects. And some of those are cancer; look at — watch
television. Actually I don’t recommend you watch television, but if you watch television
you will see prescription drug ads and at the end of every drug ad you’ll hear a disclaimer
about all of the side effects it may include and many of them say “May include cancer.”
“May cause cancer.” So here’s a drug for your restless legs, which by the way can
be completely solved with diet change, but it also may give you cancer. It’s funny that you mention that because we don’t
watch a lot of television but when my kids see a commercial, we always watch the drug
commercials because of the fact that I’ve tried to teach them you know, “Listen to
what the side effects are” and it’s really mind blowing. As a matter of fact sometimes
you’ll have a drug that is used to treat X, Y, Z that actually in the list of side
effects may cause X, Y, Z. Well yeah, chemotherapy would be one of those.
It’s true — it’s just unfortunate because money is really the driver of medicine. Money
is the driver and we live in a world where there are the industry is trying to promote
itself and rebrand itself as science-based medicine. And the truth is it’s not science based; it’s patent based and it’s profit based because the only science they’re interested
in is science that will lead to the development of a patentable, highly profitable drug. They
ignore the huge body of scientific evidence on nutrition; it’s completely ignored. And
yet medicine tries to claim that it’s science based but again it’s ignoring nutritional
science and lifestyle medicine. So it’s a pretty bogus claim but you’ll see — there’s
people out there with blogs and whatever claiming to be all
about science and they use this blog as the platform to promote
conventional therapy, surgery and drugs. And — but they ignore all nutritional science
and so you know there’s a journal called Nutrition and Cancer, it’s
been published since 1979, medical journal. You’re not going to see
any studies from that published on some of these websites that claim to be all about
science. So they’re very selective. Absolutely. And we know that a lot of the
science is fraud. A lot of the science is fraud science
that has to do with the development of drugs because you look at the number of drug recalls
that happen every year. You look at the side effects that
happen with drugs and you look at the fact that the FDA panels
consist of many conflict of interest researchers that work to develop a drug and then sit on
a panel with the FDA that supposed to be neutral to get that
drug approved.


  1. This is from the “The Quest for The Cures Continues” docu-series (incase you don't read the description)

  2. Chris, can you tell me what you feel would be the best route for someone to take who has a brain stem tumor?  Current regimen includes poly mva, COQ10, turmeric, NAC, Omega fish oil, tsp of Flax oil daily, baking soda w/ maple syrup, alkaline water, drinking organic lemon juice, IP6, Vitamin D3, and Beta Glucan.

  3. “Science knows it doesn’t know everything, otherwise, it’d stop. But just because science doesn’t know everything doesn’t mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy tale most appeals to you.” – Dara Ó Briain.

    Yes, some medicines have appalling side effects, but so does cancer. Cancer kills people. Many lives may have been shortened by the use of sometimes toxic medicines, but many, many thousands have been saved. And by its very definiton, evidence based medicine is scientific whether you like it or not. Whether applied to medical education, decisions about individuals, guidelines and policies applied to populations, or administration of health services in general, evidence-based medicine advocates that to the greatest extent possible, decisions and policies should be based on evidence, not just the beliefs of practitioners, experts, or administrators.
    In addition, aside from the medications, surgery is also scientific and evidence based discipline – a discipline that Chris Wark has absolutely benefitted from.

    It's cruel, and frankly dangerous for people who can't compete in the area of science to systematically disregard its benefits and suggest that it's flaws somehow prove that their own methods are superior.

    Good luck to anyone who has to fight this cruel disease. Make your own choices as to how you want to treat it, but be careful of dismissing scientific base medicine, and be wary of anyone wishing to financially profit from your pain without offering you any real solutions.

  4. I am SO excited to see subtitles (closed captioning) on here. A HUGE Thank you! I can hardly wait to now share this video (and any others of yours that I find with closed captions) with others (like me) who are hard of hearing. These videos are so informative and potentially life changing I want to share them with everyone I know.

  5. God bless your courrage for the truth! I am a pharmacist and try to advise people as much as I can
    To follow natural remedies!
    It is a culture and mind set!
    I have not seen a better more beneficial work than this!
    You will make "onchologists" to look into their face in the mirror and wonder: " oh dear! I have kids! What comes around does go around! People dispose those toxins into earth and water and my kid may ingest it in their food!"
    Would they have the heart to say: it is okay my baby, the chances of developing cancer is only 30% and when you grow older just close to 50%! As long as it's a good buisiness for the big pharma!
    If people do not step out and do something, it will not change!
    It is changing already!

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