Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment: How I increased my GFR & improved my kidney function Part 1

six months ago to the day I heard those words you have chronic kidney disease I was diagnosed with stage 5 and told I had zero chance of getting better well they were wrong and I'm gonna share with you 10 things that have helped me beat chronic kidney disease improve my GFR and feel great this is part one coming right up hello kidney warriors now when I was diagnosed just six months ago to the day I was told I had zero chance of improving and when I looked on the internet that's what I saw there's no way to get better when you have chronic kidney disease but the doctors are wrong and I'm gonna tell you exactly what I feel was the most important things that I did to help me get better and to go from stage 5 stage 4 all the way up to stage 3 now before we get started don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel slash dad vise TV and click that little bell icon that way every time I upload a new video you'll get a notification and you can be one of the first to know about this now today's topic this is gonna be a long video so I'm breaking it down into two parts part one I got my red shirt on part two I'm going to wear my blue shirt that way you can easily tell my watch part one I look getting part two and you can look at the thumbnail and see which one I am showing and again this is part one of my video now when I was diagnosed just like so many of you out there it was heartbreaking it was a huge shock to me I didn't know what to do information on the internet was conflicting the dietician I saw in the hospital was completely worthless and it's not her fault there very little time until hey you got one hour go see 20 patients there's no time to review their records and people in the hospital are focused on their problems and the gravity of it they don't have time to listen to a dietician let it soak in so if you if you're in the dot Hospital are you been in the hospital you saw a dietician didn't go well that's not how it's supposed to go just know that but I started researching my butt off I am a super nerd I read books like crazy I'll get two or three books in the mail I read them that very same day there's only one book that I've gotten around can use these huge giant thick one it's a called stopping kidney disease by whole it took me five days to read it great book I definitely recommend it it is a tough read there is a lot of research in there and I love that he put all the research that he used to fight his disease and get off of dialysis my goal was not to get on dialysis to get better and I set a plan in place by January 2020 not that far away I wanted to get to stage 2 GFR 60 that was my goal can it be done who knows your doctor doesn't know no one knows how much you can recover your kidneys can't improve we just don't know how to make it happen okay so it's just this combination and and luck you know can the improve plus the strategy I use working with my doctors was to decrease inflammation decrease the load on the kidneys so that then you know they're still damaged they'll be damaged forever they can keep up with me better which improves my GFR which gives me more energy because there's less waste product less toxins floating around in my blood so let's go ahead let's jump right into the reason you guys are here number one I built an absolutely amazing healthcare team to help me put together straw to get better and to stick with it the main person on my health care team is my primary care physician he is absolutely amazing he is positive he supports me he recommends things he told me keep trying don't give up you can get better or at least you can live with where you're at the rest your life you don't have to go into Alice's he provided so much positivity and emotional support that it really helps me to struggle through those tough times and get better number two on my team is my nephrologist now your nephrologist is there to answer all the complicated questions and if things go sideways he or she can help you there my nephrologist has been very little physical help for me and getting better but she's answered a ton of questions I go there I ask questions I ask about this what about this why is this happening what do you think would happen if I do this she's great for me as a resource of information and luckily things have not gone sideways so I really haven't needed any extra special skills from her also on my team is my urine ologist and my endocrinologist both of them have been helpful at reducing worries making sure okay you don't have any of these other problems you don't have cancer you don't have this you don't have that releasing a burden off my shoulders I don't see them that often but I keep up with all my regular appointments with everyone and the fifth person that is part of my amazing health care team is my dietician now many of you you went to the hospital you were diagnosed you saw dietician it was a complete waste of your time no information really it didn't tell you what to do those aren't the dietitians I'm talking about they're given very little time to go in and see you they don't get to know you they don't build anything custom my dietician the very first meeting one hour long just getting to know me what do I like to eat what do I not like to eat when how do I eat do I cook how good do I cook why do I know how to use around the kitchen you know she learned so much about me and then we talked about my labs and my goals and my goal stage – January 2020 is what I want to get to and then I came back two weeks later and she had a customized plan for me she also was huge at helping me reduce the number of pills that I took down to a far less and more manageable number and I'll talk about that in a minute but that is the first thing that it was really really important to encourage all of you build a great healthcare team communicate with them be open if you think something's wrong something right tell them ask questions ask ask ask remember you're paying for their time they want to help you a lot of the pages that come in they're just they really don't want to know they just want doctors give me a pill or get me on my way I don't want to spend time here don't be that person be the person that says hey I don't want a 20-minute appointment can we have more I have a list of questions can I email those to you before our appointment that way you can research them and then we can talk about them use the questions why no matter what the doctor tells you ask why not that you're fighting against him you're learning why is that important why should I do that why did that happen and then follow that up when they tell you to do something with how how do I do that if they say hey you're you know your buttons too high why is my but not too high let them talk to you about it and they're gonna say you need to change some of the foods you eat how what foods do I change what do I have what do I take away get those details go in there with a pad and paper or I just record my conversations that way I can get everything and write it all down in a Word document later but to me that was the first step in going from stage five to stage three – for me was I had my blood pressure my kidneys were not working and your kidneys regulate your blood pressure so it's really important that if you have high blood pressure you nip that in the bud and get it under control you want to stop future damage for me that meant throwing away all the medications I was taking for my blood pressure because they were not kidney friendly and switching to kidney friendly ones now it took about one month of tweaking adding changing including changing the time of day that I took certain pills there's one pill I take point to milligrams in the morning point three milligrams in the afternoon and it cut down to that level I used a home blood pressure machine they're really cheap you can get it practically anywhere I measured my blood pressure three times a day synched it all to the cloud that way all of my doctors could look at the end of the day and see what is his blood pressure what's happening and I stayed on top of them I you know I was like hey I don't feel good my blood pressure is too high I need it lower faster doc this medication I've been up for two days it's not working what can we do I pushed them I used email most doctors have an email account I emailed them here's the results so far what do I do this is so important if you have diabetes you got to manage that I'm lucky not to be diabetic but I had high blood pressure and I stayed on top of it my goal 130 over 80 or better took about a month I got there and now my kidneys are not getting damaged anymore so that was the second most important thing that I did I got my blood pressure under control and I never ever miss any of my medication as a matter of fact I use an app called round and it bugs me to death even goes on my watch to let me know have you taken your pills this morning you taking the five pills you're taking the two pills you can set what pills you take how much you take and win and it will nag you and nag you to make sure you don't miss a single dose it's completely free I love it's what I use I'd recommend if you know if you're taking medication use that or a different type of app that just annoys you to take your pill so you never skip a dose number three I ate a low inflammation kidney friendly diet now this was huge and a giant part of my recovery from Stage five being told that if I don't make changes instantly get on dialysis for example that my wife would be picking out a coffin for me in 45 days this changed it got me from that point all the way up to stage three a low inflammation kidney friendly diet is much more restrictive than just a renal diet or kidney friendly diet I have a separate video I'll put a little link up here to it where you can go in there and watch that video about my diet how to shop what to look for when you're reading labels I read all labels everything I buy I read the label and the first I look for is phosphorous pH OS if it's in the first half of the ingredients I don't buy it if it appears twice in the second half of the ingredients I don't buy I don't need phosphorous so I also watch out for potassium no bananas no avocados no potatoes no I know some of you are thinking oh my my doctor told me I can have potatoes okay potatoes they tell you go and leech those if you want to be like me and try to go from stage five to stage four to stage three and keep going up you got to give up all potatoes okay that's what worked for me you know you may be able to fit him in your diet but it's just not worth it you can give him up don't lead potatoes because you're still getting excess potassium I was extremely strict on my diet I never ever ever cheated on my diet there's no such thing as a cheat day the only person you're cheating is yourself and future you doesn't want you to cheat future you wants you to get better so that future you can have a fun more energetic life and go around and do things without feeling fatigue without you know all the other symptoms that we get as part of our chronic illness you know kidney disease just it's tough on us number four is I use supplement to support my body and to help me stay healthy now a lot of people cringe when they hear the word supplement their thinking voodoo medicine there are good supplements and there are bad supplements I'm talking about the good supplements the things your body needed now as a kidney disease patient there were a lot of things I was short in and plus with the diet I was eating I may not be getting enough of these things so I relied heavily on fiber supplements I used benefiber healthy weight version it has a bit more fiber sprinkled some of that on everything I ate no matter what my plate was ready I just sprinkled it across the entire plate covered everything my water bottle added some scoops to it every morning benefiber does it change the texture does not change the flavor it is fantastic I tried some knock-offs you know the Target brand and it just doesn't work it clumps it's not good for cooking or high heat so I I use benefiber I stick with the real thing it works fantastic I also take chitosan which is a fiber supplement pill and I'll take those right before a meal just to get more fiber in me helps prevent constipation keeps things moving through me and there is some research out there that shows there are benefits from fiber and even taking chitosan to help with you know improving your kidney health or maintaining it for those of us have kidney disease also d3 your kidneys are the ones that take the d3 you get you know vitamin D from the Sun and D that you eat and turn it into an active form of vitamin d3 that your body can use b6 b12 also two other very important vitamins for your body I relied on supplements for those I took Co Q 10 you know I have heart problems you know got high blood pressure had a heart attack so cook q10 it's one of those things that can help your heart there's also some research showing that it's helpful for some kidney disease patient in addition to that I took omega-3 and a whole other slew of vitamins now the amount of supplements and things that I took varied I'm almost week to week as I did my blood work whenever I wasn't perfectly in range we made some tweaks to things that I needed to and I had an entire assortment of bottles and I knew okay take one of these take this on Friday take this in the afternoon I had it all down and it's just a combination now as I got better and my help team learned exactly what I needed and I kind of stabilized it hey your body's in good shape right now I was able to greatly reduce the number of tablets and supplements that I take I use a lot more combo table supplements may affect this is one of my favorite ones now pro renal plus D width omega-3 in it this thing replaced I know probably almost a dozen if not a dozen different pills with just two of these now these ones are bigger if you've seen my video and it sees a little bit bigger and different than the other ones I show they're pretty small though they're not horse pills you know think tiny compared to my mouth this is take two of these every day this was designed by kidney doctors and is backed by National Kidney Foundation and most dialysis centers and this is usually what they recommend for their kidney disease patient is to take that multivitamin including dialysis patients don't run out and start buying these things okay ask your healthcare team it's all about getting you in the right balance and they may say yeah let's talk about supplements and then you could say hey this guy on the internet here's the ones he's taken do you think those will help me let your doctor tell you what they think and let them monitor what's happening to you but supplements have been a huge part of helping me to get back in range to keep everything healthy and to move forward and number five I avoided anything that could slow or stop my recovery in fighting kidney disease that includes soda no soda whatsoever now if you've downloaded my list of non inflammatory kidney friendly foods you'll see there is some sodas on there's bright lemon lime personally don't touch this stuff I stick with water I would say from stage five up to stage three 100% water that was what I was drinking no soda doesn't matter if it's diet doesn't matter if it's regular the dark colors photos are just awful don't try any of those drop it now future you is relying on you to stop doing those juices just loaded with sugars it couldn't be other chemicals where they're processed I stopped taking painkillers like like Advil I'm your pro fit those are bad for your kidneys I know you're gonna think but wait there FDA approved doesn't FDA approved means it means it's safe no it doesn't that's just a loose label on some things ibuprofen is extremely dangerous in my opinion it should not be sold over the counter remember I just found yesterday and one of my bathroom drawers a bottle of ibuprofen 240 tablets how the heck can advil feel comfortable the people behind advil selling a person 240 tablets in a little bottle because we had the perception that I'm buying it at Walmart I'm buying it at Walgreens it's safe it's over-the-counter I don't need a prescription and it's not safe especially you're buying 240 of them oh my goodness that should last you a lifetime that's not what it's meant for they're making money we're all popping those pills for pain and I didn't overdo advil when I got my kidney disease I was in a horrific car accident from a distracted driver who ran her Ford vehicle through an intersection at full speed and slammed right into me and I took one or two pills a day as needed for back pain as I was going through therapy to try to improve my back and I would occasionally take Advil PM to sleep and it just destroyed my kidney so I stopped taking all those pain pills luckily I've rarely needed any medication for pain and I've been very careful and I just take a little bit of acetaminophen and it works now the beginning when I got headaches there's these little cold patches you throw them in the refrigerator you pull them out you pull out the sticky thing is sticking to your forehead those worked amazing for me there's no medication it's just a stick-on gel that cools your forehead cools all the blood cells our blood vessels going through there and it helped me with headache so I didn't have to rely on the pill I also as far as not taking anything I drink only water that's it now I just recently started adding one cup of coffee a day man Fang here is my my one cup for the day making my way through it it is brewed there's no sugar there is no sweetener though I think it's in here some MCT oil now that's something I started adding at stage 3 as part of my new diet because as you go through the different stages your diet the amount of supplements you take your healthcare team will modify those so I'm now two stage where I'm doing a different diet and I'm using MCT oil and it's something you gotta research before you you add it to your diet it needs some ramping up to get your body used to it otherwise you're gonna be running to the bathroom a whole bunch and it's not the pretty trip to the bathroom ok so yes don't be sitting there off James our dad likes TV Mitch the MCT oh I'm going to Amazon click click click it'll be here tomorrow and I'll start taking it don't do that ok always whenever you make any changes talk to your health care team and some things you will need to ramp up that is the next thing that helps me in my fight from stage 5 to stage 3 and that is the end of part 1 of 10 things that have helped me personally a real true life kidney disease patient go from stage 5 being told I have to go on dialysis to avoid dialysis and get to stage 4 and get to stage 3 now it was not an easy journey but it's a journey you can make I did it in just six months today six months to the day that I was told you have chronic kidney disease I had never heard of a nephrologist I didn't know what a renal diet was maverick I didn't know I needed a urinalysis I didn't know what an endocrinologist did I learned so much in those last six months but these are things that I did that have helped me to get better improve you guys see me if you go back to my old videos you're gonna say I was chubbier I looked you know a lot weaker trying to do these videos and share information as I saw a little bit to progress and work my way up now you know if I had a steadycam I could go out and do this outside jogging no problem whatsoever so I hope this is helpful for you if you know anybody else who has kidney disease please share this video give them hope it'll encourage them to talk to their doctors to be more open to have better conversations to ask more questions to learn more so they know you're not always alone as far as what you're never alone with kidney disease there's a lot of us out there you got me you got lots of great groups on Facebook and there's groups out of there places to help you but don't feel that you know there's no hope now for some people their situation you can't recover much or any of your kidney function but I was told that that I had zero that was the exact quote you have zero chance of getting better your kidneys are not gonna get better this is as good as they're going to be and I did everything I made life-altering changes that very day and I stayed on top of it I'm sharing those 10 things that was the most key to me right here and this was part 1 look for part 2 to learn more and if you haven't subscribed to me on youtube please subscribe and click the little bell icon that will get notification every time I share more of my experiences more of what I've learned more what I'm doing to fight and beat kidney disease because losing is not an option alright thanks everyone I'll see you in the next video


  1. Even I want to get better but in my place only one Naphroliset is there ,but too many patients its really difficult to talk to him ..he can't give much time ..I am 26 year old man ,I wan get better but my efforts are not working..

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  3. Fyi, Im 48 years old. My Uncle sorta forced me to get a check up and Im glad he did. I have been in relatively good shape most of my life…a tad overweight (187)according to BMI charts which I never believed. However, blood test showed everything was in normal range except 3 things. (Creatinine 1.34, eGFR 54,Hemoglobin ACL 1.57) As you’ve stated in your earlier videos I have been to both primary doctor(he says “its nothing to be alarmed about”) My nephrologist(says “just stay off red meat and eat chicken and turkey, oh and watch your salt”) They are not treating this seriously nor giving me any resources to work with. Can you give me some more specifics so I dont have to scour the internet. Like which university should I try first? One friend who had a kidney transplant told me just eat everything in moderation.(That is a broad statement) I need specifics: How many oz of meat to eat a day? Should I be concerned about wheat products at this stage? what should be my view of gluten or soy and such matters? I’d like a caring professional to speak to my specific individual situation(since my research says that this is critical). If you have any more resources you can share Im happy to start the search. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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