Church donates health centre to Odeda community

you're watching TV see news it's been said that the duties of the church should not be limited to preaching the gospel but should also impact the lives of the people provide and provide for their needs and help them out of challenges the president able to talk of Church of the latter-day Saint made this known while hand-over-hand Innova a completed health center and a public toilet to the people of cobra-cabra in Odetta area of home on state TV since chasm aloha report Cooper Jacobi is one of the rural communities under the local government area of August 8 the community's just few kilometers away from me but AA state the two major towns along the road to the community are on Ludo and Killa majority of the residents are farmers aside from lack of electricity supply one of the major problems facing the community was lack of standard Healthcare Center where residents can get quality medical attention in an attempt to help them out of their challenges the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saint has helped them in rebuilding the a dilapidated health care center and provide them with a functional public toilet it's very good to have the health center in our community is going to help us well sometimes when our children seek out let's add this one now come closer to us he can help us we cannot no more Kali our children – anymore any clinical any was between outside again we tango for dads if my picking is sick al-quran goudi or any injury okay good I thank you I thank thee dear for that it reads because as his doing anyway why thanking the church on behalf of the government and the people of the community the chairman of the local council development area said what she saw beats our imagination when I came in here today and I thought the standard of building the givers I'm not just to clinic itself with the modern toilets and equipment again they gave I'm so happy I read them as a community friendly Church and I was not in here the place was in shambles so I talked to the community I thought everybody concerned and they are willing to have something good suicided to see all can do to have upgraded system this is a kind of guest shows that the church is doing all over I just split with the ability here that issue please that'll be of good help in maintaining the hospital the earth care center is expected to serve the people of Cuba Jack be F and other neighboring communities Cozumel away TV C news kuba ya be on stage

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