CHVSE – Blackout (Official Music Video)

if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please seek help before it takes over your life entirely we tend to forget that addicts can be the people we know and love never discredit someone because of mistakes that they've made after all you never know what kind of journey led them to rock-bottom yeah I was a nice kid grow up with the family gang like them always had some food on my plate in the place to buy in but all the sudden is like a switch flipped it's on my head telling me I don't deserve shit man I would wake up and then I perch into the mayor pick apart the imperfections on the person who would appear cuz I don't love myself put away that I looked I'm with a little fatter hated all that weight on my foot well that weight on my shoulders every day just depressed every day getting no never in every day for the rest my homies like I can tell you got some shit on your chest my momma drinks a little bit instead it eases the stress and I'm like like we bug to this crib and we stole the bottle I started feeling nervous but ranking them fellow hollow need a big up the shed my mom's about to be back with this amorous other nigga cabinet we could drink tomorrow I'm like yeah yeah homie don't worry it's cool I gotta go to bed early so I wake up for school but after that we gonna dabble in the great is the boost and boom a black dog I see it waking through noon alarm ringing the bell my mom's ringing myself she's pissed off cuz she heard that I've been drinking my son but she don't understand the deep inside I'm drinking for hell I said fuck it I'm even I don't need you to go I packed my bag something crash with a couple of friends couple months of when I'm still the bus and boom net I think I'm more sad now than ever but then I need some stronger medication so I called up a friend I all that drinking shit ain't working man give me something else he likes he'll I got the percocets I'm getting more tomorrow if you like it you could buy the next I said tell me in person and I tried the shit within the hour I'm loving the new trail hit my friend back in psyche to cup nigga new girl and he told her the blue pill was the shit is just through I'm confused because his food was proving it too thrilled he was happy that I've been struggling loves cuz he knew that in the end and it could double is why when my struggle would begin then the struggle we stopped but I still bottle of his product when we linked the despised so fast for the few weeks I'm addicted to drugs somehow my mama found out and pulled me back for the thugs move me back into a crib and tried to show me good luck but I was no man don't like interest didn't get in the bus and his fucked up cuz she was only trying to be nice I didn't listen shit I left and I stayed out for the night man I went clubbing with my homies that were down for the binds they went home the next day to make a mouth and a vice and I woke up around 3 heard a knock at the door then these voices started talking shit I heard him before I couldn't put my finger on it so I had to explore but on the table was the bottle that I left in my drawers shit my mom found it turn around and see the family they're looking down at me and pain look at happily that's when I realized what the fuck this is yella here to try to take away my substances my mom reached forward they grabbed the bottle off the countertop she looked at me instead changed this has to stop I lashed out his city stops when I decided well I grabbed the bottle from her hand do not the night of pills and I ran up to my room grabbed the gun that I had hidden and a couple of blows crush the tablets on the table hit a couple of snows and put the clip inside the gun load it back in him I see my family walking up to me I wish that I could say I'm sorry for this fuckery guy never meant to hurt you but I was hurt had the fucking leave it's almost like they're me fucking singing cuz they hugging me oh mama you can't shake me your way stop trying I'm calling let it into your brain your hearts gonna break it every fucking thought on my face but let you learn from my lesson so you don't make the mistake just tell my story and let them know that I'm sorry guy used to love the poor the dead but now the Reapers upon me is shit I'm scared save me mom I'm passing away I wish I didn't put that bullet through the back of my brain you


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