Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m coming at you with a video and demonstration about micro needle needling so what I do Is a pen version it’s a professional version of micro needling. I don’t use the derma roller if you do Purchase a derma roller for at-home use Please just make sure you get it from a reputable source because some of these derma rollers are actually metal Barbs rather than needles and you can imagine rolling metal barbs over your skin and the damage that they can do Compared to actual tiny fine needles also You always want to really inspect a roller if you order one? that all of the needles are facing out one needle going a Direction it shouldn’t be going can damage the heck out of your skin so I use a pen and I typically use it between 0.5 millimeters and 1.5. I don’t often go over 1.5. I don’t find a need to that would be for carring or Newer stretch marks that still had some pink that kind of stuff, but typically micro needling is done for anti-aging for collagen induction therapy and The way this works you guys if you don’t know our Skin is composed of layers as I’m sure you all know. We’ve got our epidermis Which is composed on our face of four layers, okay? You get past those four layers, and you get to your dermis and at your dermis You’ve got two layers that comprise the dermis you’ve got your papillary layer. That’s just below the epidermis Just love this our outer skin, and then you’ve got your reticular layer Reticular dermis that is the second layer down in your dermis that that comprises your dermis your papillary and your reticular When you are trying to perform collagen induction therapy? You’re trying to to make microscopic holes so injuries if you will Just into that upper Reticular layer so if you can imagine your in like a bunch of layers of paper, and you’ve got your layers of your epidermis Then you’ve got a thin layer of your papillary And then you’ve got a nice stack a nice stack of papers that are your reticular dermis Just under all that other stuff. I want my needles to get into that upper Reticular layer and the reason why I want it in that upper reticular dermis is because that is where we have collagen fibers, and they are laying parallel to our skin surface, so if you can get in there and Pretend to damage them your skin your body is going to be like Oh Damage we send in more Collagen and that is how we are in sight itself take the body to produce more collagen to send it to save the day Okay so when you use a micro needling pen it oscillates really really quickly with very fine needles to a Chosen depth so for me. I typically choosing 0.5 because at 0.5 millimeters I Am getting to the upper reticular dermis I’m getting just where I need to be even if you are wanting to micro needle where you’re planning to derma roll and it’s just for anti-aging for for collagen production 0.5. Is great now if you’re using a point two-five ruler That’s fine too, but I want you to know that that’s not going to go past that epidermal layer So what you’re really getting there is product penetration. That’s a great thing too, but you’re likely not getting any collagen induction so you might be able to put on some really great skincare and Drive it in a little bit deeper or nothing active you shouldn’t use anything active But that’s all you’re getting so you should really know that know if you are using it point 5 roller Or if you are getting micro needles you would find out From your skin therapist that they’re not going to microneedle you any more often than every four weeks with 0.5. Typically you don’t want to needle with 0.5 or greater anymore and then four weeks lots And lots of therapists choose four to six weeks just to ensure that they’re not Interrupting the collagen cycle so I caution you if you are rolling with anything greater than 0.25 that You don’t do it once a week or even every other week you should be doing it every four weeks I don’t want to show you the pen that I use I don’t I give you a quick demo I won’t make you watch me kneel on my whole face and Like other demos where I’m doing my own face. I am not wearing gloves because its own face So this is my opinion And this is a Korean made German motor thought to be some of the best pens on the market There are lots of great great pens on the market and I wouldn’t worry so much about it being called the dermapen or the Vista pen or the skin pen or anything like that it’s more about the practitioners skill and education and Their knowledge of how to use it where to use it What depth that kind of thing also what’s super important? Is that it’s always used with an absolutely sterile Needle, I always show people that it’s still sealed in the package not that anybody would ever think I’d reuse needles but yeah, that’s just super important this will get used on my skin today, and it’ll get put in a sharps container and Disposed of so that’s super super important sanitation is Huge with this you guys because obviously you’re sticking needles in your face, so I’m going to cleanse my face And I am actually going to swab my entire face with alcohol again Because it’s so important that there’s nothing on my face as far as makeup sunscreen moisturizer none of that stuff But what I’m getting actually needle into my face today is higher. Lemak acid my Medium weight pure hyaluronic acid I happen to love it Okay, Here. I am once again with my fabulous hairdo and you know the whole nine completely clean skin, and I’ve taken an alcohol wipe and Finished that off here. I have my higher logic acid So the way that I microneedle is I have a pretty planned out gonna start here And I can dial up the Millimeters that I want here, so that’s pretty awesome. Now. I’m going to start over here, and I’m gonna do about a square inch and I go a Dereham Across and then diagonal through that square, and then I move on This ensures that I get everywhere I’m gonna get pink I might get some pinpoint bleeding And I’m gonna have to keep applying my harmonic acid And because I’m using a che, I’m Choosing to also use water because I want to drive the water and the higher line of gas it into my skin Now you can see you guys I’m surviving this Does it hurt it doesn’t feel like a party? But it’s totally Tolerable I have not used any NUMMI When I get close to the eyes I Stamp a little I don’t grab Depending on your practitioner some like to get a lot of bleeding I am NOT of that philosophy, but that’s a personal choice of the practitioner I feel like some nights flushing maybe a tiny bit of pimple ain’t bleeding and That’s fine. That’s good to go good results will happen and I didn’t have to you know hamburger up somebody’s face Today I’m going to be like I’m sunburned Tomorrow, I will wake up with the most amazingly glowy Fabulous skin it is the perfect date night procedure if you do it the day before So because I’m inducing all of this collagen you guys It’s shocking how within about a week to ten days you can start to see something happening and by four weeks you really can start to see and You know your collagen continues to be produced for up to six months from the micro needling So you’re going to continue to see? Benefits for up to six months if you do a series of three or more about a month apart It is incredible the anti-aging benefit something else that I’ve seen a lot is people talking about all of this stuff that they’re putting on after big needle or they roll I Just caution you to be super careful Because anything that you use, that’s occlusive so heavy, or you know pick You’ve got all these micro channels that do heal quickly they heal fast within 24 hours for sure. They’re all healed probably significantly faster than that you guys but I Don’t like to put anything on my skin if I did a client and the Sun was shining bright I asked him to wear a hat. I don’t want to put sunscreen on them nothing I have just needled in some kind of a treatment. I’ve needled in high or a lot of Gossage, FL cytokines Something like that. I just want to let their skin breathe not throwing on layers of moisturizer or anything like that you want to let that skin just heal and breathe and Be left alone Very important you don’t want to overdo the products So good for your lips you guys a lot of us get the knees or level that we all fold I’ll go over them a little bit more. I might even punch them Okay, now. I’m gonna do my work head. I’m definitely going to turn it down 2.5. I had it 0.64 head is probably the most tender. Okay guys so as you can see I am pink I hope you can see that before you go to bed. You don’t need to wash it nothing Just let it mean when it breathes let it heal let it do the thing that it’s supposed to do from the inside That’s what you want to do now tomorrow. It is so important that you use sunscreen okay, so I hope that this was helpful you guys I and I hope that anybody who does derma roll more often or That has a completely different opinion than I do please don’t be offended This is just what I learned and I’m hoping to put that information out there for others to learn as well micro needling is Seriously one of my absolute favorite procedures because the results are undeniable Undeniable you know I probably in about a month I’m going to start noticing a thickening of my dermis you can kind of tell your skin has a Different appearance to it. That’s the collagen it’s such a fabulous treatment especially when it’s done in a series Anyway, I hope that if you’re new that you’ll subscribe and yeah, I will talk to you guys again very soon Who says


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