Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony Highlights | Weill Cornell Medicine

– I’m most honored to welcome all of you to
Weill Cornell Medicine and to share this very special occasion. When you put on your white
coats for the first time today, you’ll be joining a very noble profession. Congratulations and best of luck as you embark on this
new phase of your lives. (audience applauding) – My name is Heba and I’m
from Brooklyn, New York. I’m feeling excited, I’m really happy that my family’s here. I actually started volunteering here when I was in my sophomore year so I feel like I’ve been at
Weill Cornell for a while and I feel like it’ll really be an
incredible place to study. – I’m Tanmoy Das Lala, I go by Tom. Originally from India. Prior to coming here, I was actually working
in financial services and management consulting and then there were a couple
of shadowing opportunities that I did in transgender youth clinics and that completely changed my life and I wanted to switch
gears and do medicine. (audience applauding) – I’m Julianna Kostas and I’m
from Boxford, Massachusetts. I’m really looking forward to exploring the different specialties during my clerkships and really seeing what’s out there and what’s the right fit for me. – My name is Ganiat Alakiu. I go by Renu. I’m fron Houston, Texas. I went to college at Colombia University. So, I chose Weill Cornell Medicine because of the dedication
to a diverse community. I went to undergrad here
so I’m very familiar with all the opportunities I have to give back to the community as well as to really hone
in on what kind of physician I wanna be. And I think Weill Cornell Medicine was the best place for that. – My name is Jin Pyon. I was born and raised
in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I went to undergrad at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Choosing Weill Cornell was
a really easy option for me, I really wanted to engage in research that had human focus and at Weill Cornell, it’s very obvious that’s at the forefront and there’s so many amazing opportunities for us as students to benefit from. – My name is Chimsom Orakwue and I’m from Houston, Texas. As immigrants from Nigeria, I grew up in communities
where, oftentimes, we were underserved so be able to be part of the change, something that is so special to me, that will carry with me every single day. – My name is Tahj Blow. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. Coming to Weill Cornell
is a opportunity for me to learn how to be a physician
who understands the best ways to be there for my patients and the mentorship that I’m really excited to engage with here is something
that just gives me a lot of hope for really, really
strong, four or more years at Weill Cornell.

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