Clear Lake, Texas Family Medicine Physician Dr. Benafsha Irani

(gentle music) – I knew from the very beginning I wanted to take care of a whole range of patients. I didn’t just want adult
patients, I wanted some pediatric, wanted some
geriatric patients as well. So really boiled down to family medicine letting me do that. (gentle music) Here at Kelsey I feel like everyone has a very integrated and
collaborative approach to medicine. And that’s excellent for
our patients you know. I don’t wanna say it’s
a one stop shop per se but it almost is like that. You come in, you get seen by the doctor, you get all your imaging
tests, you get your medicine. If you need to be seen by specialists you don’t have to wait to get referred. Here you’re able to get access
to medicine pretty easily. (gentle music) I personally believe that it’s important to care for the whole patient
and not just the disease that comes with the patient. There’s a biocycle social aspect of caring for the whole patient. I think that plays a big role
in achieving good outcomes. (gentle music) Nothing’s more rewarding
than at the end of the day, or just any time of the
day when a patient thanks you and actually tells you that you’ve made a difference in their life. I think that one patient that just takes that extra minute to say thank you for what you’ve done or
appreciates the little things you might have
done that maybe I didn’t think was a big deal. That makes up for everything.

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