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you oh hello mrs. doors is that right yeah good how can I help you today um I'm sorry I might be wasting your time a bit but I've come because I can't I'm not sleeping very well I'm just exhausted and I just wanted if you could give me something anything to help me sleep some sleeping tablets okay um it would help me if I could ask a few more questions about how you feel again yeah some of your symptoms and then we can sort of see how can help you would that be okay yeah I think yes it's a 1 anytime a bit more about what's brought you here today um but a year ago and her husband was split up and since I just stopped in coping very much um I'm sorry you know I'm just tired all the time and kids a job and and just don't feel like packaging very well I can't sleep okay why don't we just look up one of those things at a time tell me a bit more about say having trouble sleeping I just lie awake at night I don't know what time it is but you seem to go on and on and on the night no I'm uh still got sleep in the morning I just feel so dreadful okay and you having problems with your iPad's yeah I make the kids to dinner badges composit brothers talk about it all right and what about a life in general you he's gonna lost you get up and go sorry I don't understand you get up and go you your energy levels of familair Decker load and yeah I used to enjoy this women with the kids and stuff but I just want to be on my own and it's calm Pollard hmm I just it's not did a very good mom at the moment as well I was so exhausted really can you possibly just came back to your sleep can you tell me a bit more about that how much sleep you're getting each night sir just a lie we can think about hip and her together things that we used to do I just wake up exhausted it sounds like your lack of energy and lack of sleep and makalapa them it seems to me that things seem to already getting you down I'm just such a mess the moment I just not coping I'm just exhausted you see you're a mess well okay I just you know I just need some sleep okay it would be helpful for me just to sort of find out a bit more about home life and work life and ask few questions in that area would that be okay yeah it's fine sorry yeah so do you work um I work in a job center gets a bit stressful at times and we've got to see so many people cuz they're stressed hmm um I've got some patients who work in the same environment very high pressure is yeah hmm someone is I just can't bother to get out of bed and um it's um that's worried me because I'm feeling sick and hmm you know it's not a suit record is it it's not like me and who else is at home with you I've got two kids I wanted one girl one boy or Richard his youngest he's seven I'm Marie she's behind do they get to you they're their father much um no he can't be bothered now he's got a new family doesn't see them at all they're very good kids must be quite hard on both of you and then I try big up mum it is very difficult get any any help or support Hannah on my mum she's she's wonderful but she has arthritis so she you know she does what she can does she live locally yes she just round the corner and she picks kids up from school and yeah she's she's an angel she helps me Lots what about you what about your hobbies and things you enjoy doing I used to enjoy going to the cinema with my friends you've been line dancing we used to go down to the village old line dancing but that's been a while ago just nobody wants misery around you they into I'd rather be on my own now yeah thank you well and I know you've you're not a doctor and but you must have had a thoughts about what's causing all these feelings had he thought about about these those type of things I guess I was on automatic pilot when he first left I guess that's why I'm in the state I am now I don't know could I resent the kids I don't know but I suppose I spire keep going down and I just feel ever since useless I can't sleep you know what tends to bother you the most is at the sleep or the out your appetite or the energy or so sleep coping with the kids asleep I just feel if I had a bit more energy I better just have something just to you know help me out with them so I can do the normal things that was going to be really what I was going to ask next I mean what what were your thoughts about how he could help you today well I I just thought with one of these other things but sleeping tablets I thought they might help would it be a good idea perhaps if we think about all the options and available to you and then decide which which ones may be best for you okay what are the other options well you might have heard of some of the talking therapies being able to sit down and talk with us so the train counts are about about your feelings and about what's been happening well that helped my sleep well done made me be able to cope the next day so sleep it may help you deal with some of your feelings I take on board about the thought about using a sleeping tablet I think that could be another option obviously when the concerns we have is that we don't want to have you on sleeping tablets for a long period of time because they're issues about becoming dependent on them and reliant on them yeah but we can use them for a short period of time say for a week to help you get back into a bit more of a normal sleep yeah um that sounds good a bit minute what about those the two options are the option the counselor or perhaps from Frenchie actually share counseling um I'd like I mean I just feel in if I had some sleeping tablets I might just just give me a spur really and and I know I'm quite happy with the counselling as well okay so you like to try both I think that that sounds a good idea and would you be happy to the counselor here at the surgery yes that'd be fine okay so I can organise that I can speak to her and ask her to contact you to make an appointment right it'd also be really helpful for me as well if you could complete one of our hads questionnaires oh that's what question how does question sorry it's a short questionnaire just asking some questions about your feelings and it will help me to find out if there's any more help I can give you when I next see you it's that's okay from what you've told me today I mean it sounds ready for the last 12 months or so felt really low since split from you your husband yeah he sleeps not being good your appetites not being good mess this sounds to me your self esteems taking a real not cousin it I certainly think the help we can give you with some counseling which we have a cancer that comes here in the surgery that will be it will be a benefit to you and then we'll try the short course of Stephen tablet to try and get you back into a sleep pattern okay and then maybe I can see you in about two three weeks time and I don't want you to think that you have to sort of manage all this by yourself I mean that's why we're here we're here to to help and support you third yeah let me do the prescription then thank you it's 12 Hatfield close yes yeah okay so that's gone to reception as you can cut up on the way out okay third and um I'll give you one of the heads questionnaires as well okay leave that before we see you next time okay thank you doctor thank you for that okay thank you next time thank you okay bye-bye you


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