Clinical Counseling Masters Program – San Francisco

I think Jani and I both have a vision for the program that our students will come here learn more about themselves learn more about the world and learn more about the research that's out there on counselling and how to connect well with others and then go out into communities maybe their community that they're from or other underserved communities and be able to partner and collaborate well in order to help improve the wellness in those communities and so we want our students to be able to support in the empowerment of their clients so it's not that we empower the clients but that we support their own empowerment we have a completely unique program I think in the area that was really built around a social justice advocacy competencies and so it's just been an incredible experience we have this awesome cohort model we have a lot of really great students and I've really been able to witness students transforming throughout their time in the program we've got our first group of graduates coming through and it's been really wonderful to watch them develop from new bright students into counselors and training I would say our program is pretty diverse we're about 11 of us total I think um and we really have a range of students we have ranging from gender sexuality race the whole kinds of the whole gamut age but it's really cool though because even though we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences we can collaborate and come together and share those experiences to grow and learn and further our development we were we were we became a family I didn't only have my classmates but but I gained lots of friends we supported each other and we were in contact with each other all the time and such a support such as social support and teamwork is very empowering both academically and emotionally our students need to develop a lot of courage because they're going to be working with clients in very difficult situations and so they might come in thinking that you know I'm all ready to go I can do this and then they discover much more about themselves so there's a really strong element of self-reflection that's required in the program and it's just incredible for students to be able to look back over their journals over a year and see just how much they've grown over that time we really study culture and differences in culture and how that applies to practice and it's a really integral part of what this program is about as a Muslim and international student this was very crucial for me to feel comfortable in an environment and work with open-minded and understanding people the clinical experience is here you will have the most diverse clinical practicum and you'll have the opportunity to develop just this deep rich cultural competency with a wide range of people that you don't necessarily get outside of this Bay Area there's very few places that have this population this you know microcosm of people le the whole world is represented in this tiny little island so it's I think helpful we're seeing clients in our first year and our entire second year we have a year-long practicum so really when we hit the field and and are out pursuing our license we will have a whole lot of experience under our belt already I wasn't aware that we were gonna get thrown into a practicum site within our first year and when it happened I was scared but now looking back it's been the best experience and I wouldn't change it for a world because it really has helped me grow as a person and a counselor and I feel so much more prepared for the upcoming years

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