Clinical Examination – Cardiac Examination

hello my name's dr. Gill I'd like to cardiovascular examination of yourself today if that's all right okay and that's going to involve looking at your hands checking your pulse going over your face getting you to take your shirt off and having a look at your chest and also your back that's all right yeah that's okay excellent can I just confirm your name and date of birth before you any further yes my name's Aiden cross and I was balling a 20th October 1990 excellent sake so if engage put your hands out first for me fine if you turn your hands over for me if you become have to put your fingers together like so for me and I'm just going to take your pulse okay that's excellent I'm just going to take a higher pulses that's what now it likes for your blood pressure having had your blood pressure done before oh yeah excellent and were there any problems of that urn okay do you have a preference to a charm we should use and know okay so we use your right arm if that's okay do you have any problems in the arm at all and no excellent so we'll put the blood pressure cuff on and I'm going to inflate it twice once just feeling a pulse and once listening with this desk okay okay I'm just going to the same again excellent thank you the next thing I'm going to do I'm just going to take your arm hold this hand raised above your head and I have to move it from your elbow that's fine okay so I'm not gonna have a look over your face if that's okay if you can look up for me okay all right down have a good look okay so if you could just show me your tongue now if that's right please okay and if you could put your tongue to the roof of your mouth brilliant thank you very much I'm not gonna have a listen over your neck I'm just gonna manually check the pulse there as well so just put my hand there that's great and similarly on the side brilliant thank you take a deep breath and form and hold it and breathe normally Sam again take a deep breath in for me hold it and breathe normally I'm next stage I'd like to actually have a look at your chest if that's okay so if we get you take your shirt off for me sign it if you just relax for me again just take a deep breath in for me and out excellent so what I'm going to do now and put my hand on your chest and see if I can feel where your heart is beating against your chest okay okay so if I think you should roll slightly to the left for me excellent that's fine so relax all right next thing I'm just going to put my hands on your chest little pressure great okay I'm not gonna have a listen over your chest okay so just going to take your pulse as I do say just breathe normally for me so okay roll to your left please that's fine thank you yes I think it to sit I want to have a listen to your chest again okay okay so if you sit forward for me okay now I'd like us to breathe together so both going to breathe in and we breathe out we need to hold our breath out so breathe in out hold it and breathe again thank you once I've got you sitting like that I'm just going to have a quick look at your back if I might if you could cross your feral arms across your shoulders Berlin at all sounds good and I'm not going to have a quick lesson take a deep breath in and out and out and that and that and and out and and out just going to press over your lower back there that looks fine so forget you to lie back are you comfortable lying flat yes okay so I'm just going to lie flat now and then we'll have a check of your stomach I guess if you like to lie back there for me I'm just going to press in deeply on both sides of your stomach that's fine um and a little bit more to that I'm just going to sit you up once more on that press on deeply into your stomach again okay so if you could lie back for me and if you could relax your head against the bed for me and turn your head to the left so I'm just having a good look at your neck okay and I'm going to press down deeply on your stomach do you have any pain here only excellent set one two three excellent that's fine thank you as a final thing I just want to get you to take your socks and shoes off so I could check the pulses on your feet and your pain in your ankles at all no okay just tracking your pulse now and then behind your uncle's is that grandpa thank you very much okay so to complete our examination what I'd like to do I'd like to do an ECG so have a look at the electrical activity of your heart it's a sample view urine have a look at that do a chest x-ray and review any of your Bloods that we've got okay thank you very much thank you


  1. So this doc has a really brilliant ASMR voice and if he slowed down his speaking a bit I think you guys could get a lot of views from ASMR specific videos

  2. I have watched these videos for years for ASMR reasons. I had no idea there was a cult following in the comment section. What is this?

  3. Spoiler alert: Aiden isn't a homeless guy but actually a med student who ends up killing Dr. Gill and taking over his ASMR videos!

  4. If you pause the video within the first second of play you will find an extraordinarily fake smile. Classic.

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