Clinical Examination of – The Shoulder

hello my name is dr. Gill I've been asked to do an examination of your shoulders today is that all right it's like I just can come your name and date of birth it's fun rolling 649 to 91 thank you and before we start do actually having your pain in any in your shoulders at all at the minute excellent okay for you to stand up please and what I'm going to do first I'm going to have a look at your shoulders if that's okay so if I could get you take your shirt off please okay so what I'm gonna do I'm just going to have a look around your shoulders looking for any problems that the male may not be there okay that seems fine now if I get to step over here and just press your hands against a wall pushing forward forward please sure okay so having a look at your scapula at the back that's all norm you can come back for me okay so I'm not just going to actually touch around across your shoulders if that's okay please tell me through the areas of pain or tenderness and just along the side there and across the back okay I'm just going to check for temperature now into the same again from the side and here is a pain or tenderness there brush tool right when I'm just going to do some movements mm to copy as possible so if you could put your hands behind your thought by your sides and then lift up to put your hands behind your head okay thank you and relax your house back by your sides okay what I'd like to do is push your arms all the way forwards for me right and then back as far as you can go thank you okay if you put your hands by your sides and I know with both arms going up together as high as you can go okay that's fine I'm going to that once more so but I'll be standing at your back this time so if you have moved this arm up to the side for me as high as you can excellent thank you and do the same again with the opposite side brilliant so what are them like he's trying do is move your hands up your back as high as you can go we want okay so move on right okay that's grand and swap arms for me as high as you can okay so they're the same brilliant everything gets you to put your arms at 90 degrees like so and just rotate out for me and then back in okay that's grand and if you relax your hands outside and then everything you touch one your right arm to your left shoulder and relax and similarly and then going around the back thank you and the same with the opposite side okay let's Brown and relax there so we're going to the same movement now but I'm going to get you to try and resist some of my other movements so if you could put your arms at 90 degrees again for me now try and try to turn out for me okay that's fine and turn in for me that's fine put your hands by your sides and try and raise up for me okay hand push down that's fine and we're going to see some get you put your hand behind your back and I want to see you push away if possible okay and then push away that's fine and change your arms and then push away again okay that looks fine thank you okay the final thing that we need to do if you put your right arm out straight okay with your thumb up and then just rotate it down okay that's fine and we'll swap and do it with the other arm so if you put your arm up straight with your thumb up and then rotate it down okay brilliant thank you so that concludes all the things that we need for the shoulder examination have you got any questions at the moment okay thank you


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