Clinical Pharmacist in the ED

this teachable moment is brought to you by the Jewish Health Care Foundation and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative the emergency department can sometimes be a fast-paced and stressful environment where critical decisions about medications must be made in less than ideal circumstances with a grant from the Jewish Health Care Foundation the UPMC Shadyside pharmacy department was able to trial the expansion of their unit based pharmacy services to the emergency department as a result there are now two IDI based pharmacists in place I was asked to do this because I've worked in many areas in the hospital prior to the emergency department so I'm used to adapting to the shift I'm scheduled to working with the people that I need to work with and establishing good relationships in a short period of time my name is Casey I'm a pharmacist we can expedite care to the patient by being physically on-site in the emergency department and on your deep inhale it's kind of like a little coordination but as you're deeply inhaling pressing down on the canister it just squirts out one exactly we as pharmacists have the time to sit down with the patient for maybe a longer period of time than the nurse or the physician would to thoroughly go through the medication with the patient make sure they understand how to use it correctly and at also warning signs about when they should seek medical attention in the future I have not been trained in emergency medicine so it was a huge learning process for me as well initially the response from the staff was a little next and now that I've been there for about 19 months it's more I don't know what we would do without you a lot of the education we do is informal so if we can get a couple nurses rounded up around the nurse's station at a time we'll quickly go over the information intended minutes everything that they need to know about a medication a lot of times during the day the physicians will ask me questions I'm an 81 year old female coming in from a nursing home with suspected aspiration pneumonia and those who are correctly with inner Alex to ship any allergies to medications mum she is aware of but she's a poor story okay and I how much does she weigh she's about 57 or why don't we just do so synthetic Oh did four and a half grams of zosyn a gram of vancomycin we'll go from there sounds good okay wonderful okay thank you very much we can also assist in life-threatening situations and code situations where obtaining a medication mixing it appropriately dosing inappropriately and administering it to the patient is really sometimes the difference between life and death so possible overdose that year the North Canfield she has 20 gauge into the pulse she has a blood pressure before assisting or breathing she continues to be unresponsive in KC can we get zero point four milligrams of narcan if pharmacist was not on site for a code a nurse would be responsible for obtaining the medications and preparing them for administration in a critical situation we need nurses available to start IV lines monitor the patient through charting and also get the patient any other things that they may need that aren't related to medications it's you can decrease adverse drug events you are going to see a decrease in end cost to an institution if you can help expedite a medication to a patient appropriately you can maybe decrease length of stay i can collaborate with nurses physicians social work respiratory therapy medics i mean the true collaboration i really enjoy to get the best outcomes for a patient over a one-year period or i was able to document over 2,000 interventions for patient care that was associated with the cost avoidance of 600 9065 and a great improvement in staff satisfaction from baseline before having a pharmacist in the emergency department I never thought that it would it would go so well and I think that's what I'm most proud of is that we're expanding and that the relationships that I've formed with the physicians and the nurses have been so strong I think that's what makes me the happiest about it is now in that they truly appreciate having a pharmacist on-site you


  1. We need to fight for provider status ! Or we would never be able to expand our role doing clinical work and direct patient care . retail has no future and 85% on jobs are in retail … they should hire more pharmacists on hospital floor. But again with out provider status insurance won’t pay for our services as 2018 no provides status has happen ….

  2. What judaism has to do with pharmacy folks, US is a religion free descrimination people.

  3. I am proud and happy to be a consultant clinical pharmacist. I need more information on my roles as an oncology pharmacist.

  4. Stole that antibiotic recommend from the J Hopkins antibiogram HAP serious illness. Sounded fake anyway.

  5. I would like to know how is this kind of work. I am studying Pharmacy and I am exploring different options for specialization. Thanks for the video 🙂

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