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the project manager and what I see here the CRA you can move up being a senior CRE elite CRE most of the time CRS get promoted they don't even apply for a job you get there you do job well and they ask you we need someone to manage a team of co race you want you want to become a senior CRE some people love it some people don't they prefer to work from home and have their liberty but there's a lot of movement in the sirak positions it starts at $60,000 approximately Oh it's rare nowadays it will offer $40,000 on this is for CRO but usually for MIT pharma companies they really well it doesn't make a difference whether you're an MSC or PhD your startup sound we however are usually six months after your hire the adjuster is salary consequence sometimes they hire people as comes on a contractual basis the only reason they do that is to see if you're able to do the job most people get hired on a contractual basis and six months they're permanent employees so if you see contract go for it and apply okay and we've done it many many times I've hired people I've interviewed a lot of people and we've done it many many times sometimes three months this person is so good let's give her or him permanent permanent employee status project manager okay the project manager usually supervises a team of CRS so of course if you've been a theory physician a cre before it helps how can you manage a team of CRE if you don't know the job entitles to very challenging of a lot of people want to become a project manager as soon as they get out but it's better to learn the basic and the struggles and the challenges so when you become a PM you already know what's going on you already dealt with crisis before and you know exactly when someone is having a struggle at a hospital with a doctor and nurse who knows exactly what they're going through so you're much better equipped as a p.m. if you've been a serious before you could be but the people have seen coming in as a PM it was kind of rough you can make it but my opinion learn the basic because no one will ever get that away from you project manager mainly office space you don't travel a lot you manage all the study sites for Canada CRA you can find your region project manager you have the country CRE rpm you usually work on eight to ten studies okay you work a lot a lot of studies so imagine 10 10 mini master's degree starting at different point in time need to reach your milestones it's not complicated people are there to help you but if you don't work on one project only it's really different projects you usually visit hospitals – along with you CRE at the beginning to ensure they decide start on the right foot and then you renew the visit reports of the CRE your job also is to coach teach communicate you want your team to be the best thing because if they do well you do well and the VP looks good that's the most important down the road okay next slide here I put also your main interaction as your seat as a CRA is really nurses doctors pharmacists and other project managers as a CRE you will rarely interact with regulatory affairs government affairs or the legal department because you're just fine to a few hospitals you normally don't have a budget responsibility that's handled by the PM Oh however you're responsible for to review all the regulatory documents and legal documents it is an audit by Health Canada you will be on the hot seat and if there's not it by headquarters you are responsible you're the responsible person as a project manager the difference while you're located in head office they will most likely interact with people from regulatory regulatory affairs sales or marketing or government affairs Oh usually plan a budget for Canada it could be a small budget one million it could be twenty five million it could be two hundred fifty million dollars so don't worry if you haven't managed a budget before there's people there to help you finance people and next I'll – how to manage your budget and you usually review all the study documents by your release to the site the research and development is heavily heavily regulated there's a lot of paperwork it's not complicated it's just a series of documents of check mark completed completed completed completed that's the routine that usually people like the less but that's the only thing that is routine week and Eddie ate because Canada is to do the same as Germany that's the US as Scotland as any other country so we all have to work the same way I'll complete the same documents the same way so that overall ID on the study one billion at that analysis top to study stop what are the skills required if you look at all the job descriptions of CRA s link in my part my careers on any website you go to you will you will see that there's a lot of soft skills you have you need your science background but even if you work in immunology you may be hired to work in multiple cirrhosis it doesn't matter you have your science background it's enough to get a foot in the door and his finance background help you will you will notice they say science background science degree engineering or nursing background ok so it doesn't have to be pure lab work in the lab but a science background the disease area is irrelevant if you happen to work in your disease areas greatest it's like a little comfort zone but it's not a mess oh the interpersonal skills because you get to deal with a lot of people and ninety-eight percent of people are great and fun to work with and it will always be a little small number of people it's a bit more difficult but the good people compensates for the rest you need to be able to convey company using company requirements and having people to work with you verbal and written communications because it's important that when you write is very respectful polite business to the point and no personal comments problem solving scans solving skills sorry because even though you plan your plan you plan your plan you only will always need a plan B and a plan see there will always be something that comes out oh god I didn't think about that what happened you need to be quick and come up with solution and with a solution usually your project manager is there to help you attention to details obviously because a mistake from someone could and I can tell you we've we've done a study once that half of the patients in Canada were not eligible for statistical analysis because we all got it wrong the cre the PM the doctors and the nurses because of one little requirement in two um i would say of addressing signs and symptoms and in 30 carrier study we fail in canada never fails canada is always the best country in terms of recruitment and data quality we fail because of one mistake I didn't lose my job but we all felt bad about it but it's that's why the attention to detail is very very important and most of the time you always ask people to double-check your work can you check my work can you check my work two sets of eyes are better multitasking like I said earlier 10 min master's degree negotiation because often and you'll be with a nurse I've done this for 10 years no one ever asked me that why are you asking me this you can't say well because it is so you have to be able sometimes to use fine skills and you know when to push one to when not to push maybe not argue sometimes a doctor comes in he's mad at someone because he had a bad day and he sees you and he explodes to you so it happened to me and so you let invent right sometimes you know it's not a good time right now but I'm asking him about this I'll wait I'll wait the next time I see her okay so this is like unwritten right organizing conflict resolution definitely like I said most people are great most people want to do well the experience in disease area can be learn UK so don't worry about that your science will get you into into the the job here I put the association of clinical research professional with a CRP if you've never done research you don't interact with people in research strongly recommend you go on this website to learn what good clinical practice is ethical considerations i CH health canada fda the whole series of how to run clinical trials and drug development is before you go to a job interview is very important okay


  1. If we have this kinds of programs/lectures in China, that would be grateful for the job-hunters. I've been worked as a Data Manager for about 3 years, however, I still not very clear about the whole picture of Clinical trail. It's a shame.

  2. thank you for the valuable information 
    i would like to ask about the main sites that i might check before having an interview and the important data that i must have before applying for the interview 
    thanks inadvance 

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