Clinical Research Nurses 2

my name is Margaret Bevins and I'm a nurse leading clinical research studies here at the NIH Clinical Center I really love my job in clinical research I love the fact that I get to encounter patients every day who are participating in clinical trials the patients will really share with us their passion for life their commitment for improving the health of the nation they they tell you every time that you talk to them how excited they are to have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial it's really more about expanding your understanding and really the understanding of many others about a particular condition that you're dealing with participating in clinical trials is not just about an individual reward it's really about being part of something that is much bigger than yourself clinical trials are just a part of a larger plan of care that an individual might be discussing with their provider if we don't as healthcare providers give the information increase the awareness of our patients that clinical trials might be might be an option for them then they don't have the right to choose

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