Clinical research shapes the future of medicine

my name is Alicia Venus my name is Stephanie I have sickle cell I have Alzheimer's disease I am here for a cure I am Olin I am my son Owen when he was almost 5 years old we were on a family trip and while we were on that trip we actually got a call from Owens pediatrician because he had done some blood work when we when we went and met with the doctor he told us that he suspected that Owen had Duchenne muscular dystrophy we actually were in contact with UC Davis we were very thrilled and got him into the screening process right away and the team here has just treated us so well and so so kind and have walked us through every step of the way and we really feel fortunate that we are now approved and in the trial the nurses here just treat him so kind and like a little prince and he's just really happy to come and get these infusions and it's a part of his normal existence which I feel blessed it's become almost a little bonding time with us we play games and we just basically try to make the best of it I'm here to support my wife Stephanie Stephanie has been diagnosed with early onset dementia the reason we're here is we feel lucky to be able to participate in this clinical trial it's been wonderful people that are working so diligently for a cure I know it's important to me it's important to my family something she spur further so that this nobody else has to go through this Karen has been part of this clinical standing for three years and I am a caregiver first a partner we are just today saying goodbye to this face of our little journey yes and moving on so again thank you to UC Davis and the research staff has been so dedicated you won't find a more dedicated staff research is important for all of us I want to find a cure research is our hope for Owens future you

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