Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment And Its Future

hey guys do you know the future of patient recruitment well guess what I do hey guys ECR G here back with another video today we're gonna be talking about patient recruitment and its future so right now in the world of patient recruitment a lot of times CR ODEs and sponsors do a few things they typically partner with principal investigators or sub investigators who have a nice-sized practice or work for a large hospital with a great vast patient database which is good because when their patients come in they can just talk to them about coming to be recruited into the study so that's one of the best ways and will probably be one of the best ways for a long time because patients tend to listen to their doctor so that's the number one way typically sites and see arrows and roll into a study what this video is about is not necessarily that dynamic but some of the ways that they will advertise for studies so will they be doing banner ads on the internet will they be doing radio advertising will they be doing TV advertising in the future so as a lot of you probably know who are watching this video or who even have access to this type of content you know radio and television is not the future by any stretch of the imagination those ratings are pretty much faked and made up those TV shows that are on TV do not get millions of millions of views they come up with those numbers based on really funky calculations and it of course benefits the show so same thing with the radio they aren't getting those millions and millions of listens in fact they've always way overestimated those listens so but one thing you can't fake is the number of views on a youtube video or you can't fake it but you what you can't fake is the engagement see it's very you can't engage with radio and you can't really engage with TV at least to the naked eye so that's one thing that you've got to keep in mind but as far as the future of patient recruitment goes the future of patient recruitment is gonna be social media marketing marketing over the Internet and that's because of big data you've got companies like your CEOs like quintiles formerly quintiles now their IQ via they just bought or partnered with IMS who was a big data company you've got Roche a big pharmaceutical company that just partnered and bought flat iron we did a video about that so check that out if you haven't seen it but everyone is moving to the era of big data and this of course is gonna affect patient recruitment so I predict in the future that every study or at least every sponsor or every CRO will have a patient recruitment department or a patient recruitment guru somebody who runs and manages the campaigns for patient recruitment and here's why because that stuff just works if you go on Facebook and run an ad for your study let's say it's a diabetes study you can literally target way down to make sure you're only targeting your population like this let's say it's a diabetes study I can target to an its latest a children's diabetes study at that so even more specific so what we can do is we can target to the parents because it's gonna be the parents that ultimately make the decision on whether their children enroll into that study we're gonna be able to target the parents so any parents from 25 years old to 40 years old and then we can also add another target to so with those with that parameter we can do within that parameter people that have kids first of all because Facebook has that feature and then you can say who have diabetes but how you would target that is by saying something like people that like the association of diabetes or people that are friends with that like the association of diabetes or people that are members of the organization Association of diabetes and other organization like that and are similar to that so it's very easy to target and you could do that based on location as well so if you have a site in San Antonio you can do those same parameters if you got a site in Denver Colorado you can do those same parameters and that was just an example you could do this for any study any indication because there are most likely support groups fan pages or something like that in on Facebook and that's just one way the problem with TV advertising and radio advertising is you buy an ad but you don't know who's listening they don't have that micro data like a Facebook is gonna have like an Instagram it's gonna have because Facebook owns Instagram TV and radio do not have that type of micro data so that's why typically those ad displays don't work as well or you don't get as much target as much targeted as you would on a Facebook or any digital platform because they just simply have more data and you can target better so I think the future is gonna be having somebody on staff at a CEO or sponsor over that over that patient recruitment and that way you don't have to hire a vendor to run your own social media ads and digital ads you can just do it in-house so whether it's the CRO or whether it's the sponsor who's gonna be doing that or maybe even the site some of the sites have a patient recruitment person maybe they'll run their own patient recruitment as well and they'll just get a budget from the CRO and the sponsor so that's my prediction it's because big data and digital is just gonna be amazing I mean that's where everything is going to be that's where everything is moving you've got TV shows moving to digital you got radio even moving to digital so that's where everything's gonna be moving and of course patient recruitment is going to be moving there too and the reason why I decide to make this video is because I've been on studies before where and and the clinical research as you know is particularly conservative when it comes to these type of things but I've been on studies where they've been talking heavily very surprising to me very heavily about moving into social media they're talking about advertising on Twitch you know Facebook Instagram using refer patient referrers like study kik BBK aviation and they they're they're talking about going heavy into the Facebook Instagram even snapchat they're talking about going into so it's not long before this becomes an industry-wide phenomenon and other studies are gonna be doing this too so I'm curious comment down below if you know a sponsor who's doing this as well or you've worked on studies where they've been using really cutting-edge social media to recruit patients or do other things because you know obviously it's coming it's just so much better and so much more cost-effective as well you can run a Facebook campaign I think as little as $5 or maybe it's $10 but you know sponsors are prepared to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on ad displays on TV and radio but you can run a much more targeted ad spend on Facebook on Instagram or whatever so actually we do at ICI RG help with this too so if you're a sponsor if your site want to work with us we can do that as well so you just email us at elite clinical group at but apart from that this is the future where everything is going and who knows what other social networks will be developed in the meantime where it's gonna be the same thing they're gonna have that data on their users and you're gonna be able to identify patient populations on there and recruit them into studies so this is definitely the future the IR bees will have to adapt and think about all of the things to ensure patient safety everyone's gonna have to adapt a little bit but I think in the long term this is gonna be definitely where things are going they're already moving in that direct so you don't want to get left behind but even with that move still the best possible way to recruit for studies is always probably going to be the PI in their patient population or the site and their their patient population so just just because they're already close to the patients the patient's already see them on a consistent basis and they love and trust their doctor so that's what it is guys so I was surprised to see this from you know already in the industry and how bullish certain individuals were on this prospect that are in power and ready to spend money on digital platforms for patient recruitment so hope you enjoyed this video guys as always email us at elite clinical group at for any inquiries you may have send us your resume we do have a resume review program so go ahead send us in give us some context and also let us know if you wouldn't mind featuring it on the channel what we'll do is we'll block out all of your personal information block out hasn't delete will delete even the university if you went to like the University of Texas or something we'll just say University from 2000 to 2004 or whatever we'll block out all that stuff all that will be there will be the meat in the nitty-gritty we'll go through it live or not live we'll do it record it we'll go through it talk about some changes talk about some insights and then give a little context to your story as well you can do that in the email so we'll go we'll do all that so if I get a lot of them we'll definitely do that and hopefully give you guys a lot of value but we also will do it through email as well without uploading to the channel if you would like that so make sure you guys designate what which one you want alright guys take care

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