Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

looking for patient recruitment services for your next clinical trial I want you to meet Alex Alex works for a large pharmaceutical company and was in need of 150 volunteers for a difficult multi-site clinical trial he was stressed because he did not know what patient recruitment company to use to fulfill his enrollment Alex's co-worker Elizabeth told Alex she use WCCT global to fulfill her patient recruitment needs for a recent clinical study she said she needed 85 subjects over five sites nationwide and that WCCT global has a special recruitment process called the RMT which was quick to implement for her study she told Alex the RMT is a ten part process that uses social media and extensive population research to target the exact patient population needed which not only speeds up recruitment but also cut down on advertising cost Alex was thrilled with what Elizabeth had to say so he contacted WCCT global and they were able to implement a custom recruitment plan for him four months later Alex's study was successfully enrolled and he was very pleased with WCCT global if you are like Alex and you're looking for a patient recruitment company that will efficiently recruit your next clinical child go to WCCT comm and request more information about how WCCT global can successfully recruit for your study

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