Clint Walker, MD | Physician Profile

Hi, my name is Clint Walker and I am an orthopedic surgeon at Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic and my speciality is hand and upper extremity problems There’s a lot of variety anywhere from fractures to chronic repetitive conditions to arthritic conditions and, really, shoulder, elbow, down to fingertips there’s a lot of variety in what you see and what you get to do we like to help fix things and then see people get better afterwards We get a lot of phone calls where you smashed your finger that day or you fell and broke something that day and we really try to get you in as soon as possible just so that we can get you on the right path and start the healing and try to shorten the amount of recovery time as much as possible Unfortunately in orthopedics we measure recoveries in weeks and months instead of hours and days and so we know that what we do takes a long time but once you get through all of that then you have a good foundation to build on for the rest of your life, hopefully

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