CLOSURE (Baylor University Pre-Med Parody of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers)

Hey guys, welcome to the Baylor Sciences Building. As you can see this is a very large building. It’s actually the size of two Bass Pro shops. I know many of you are pre-med in this group, so you will be spending a lot of time here listening to lectures and doing experiments in the lab. So if we’ll all stay together let’s start the tour. Hey, wait, do you know where the research labs are? I talked to a few professors and I’m just trying to decide which lab I’m going to get into before I start They’re on the second floor, so you’re doing research this summer? Uh, totally, you’re not? What are you doing? Oh well I’m actually studying for the MCAT So I actually came prepared, I’ve been studying, I took a practice test, I got a 520. That’s kinda low. I’m working on it. Yeah, you should! Maybe we should catch up with the rest of the group. Let’s go Hey I was doing just fine ’till I went pre-med now I study too much and that’s an issue but I’m okay Hey I tell my friends it was nice to see them but I’m heading to the library again It really breaks my heart Moved to college where I’ll probably go poor and four years, no fun now I’m feeling silly ’cause I got four more But I – I – I can’t stop No, I – I – I can’t stop Till med school pulls me closer so I get that perfect closure that you know I’m gunnin’ for Take the MCAT under pressure Pick up trash to get those hours Shadow every doc in town Ace-ing classes that are cut-throat When will I put on that white coat? Why can’t I put on that white coat? Please let me put on that white coat When I start to show the stress from classes Got bags underneath my glasses I was up late Rest, and play that med school parody song MD so close, I’ma stay strong, okay? I know we’re almost there Applied to the schools who were top in healthcare Interviews waiting It’s almost like a game or screwed up dating I – I – I can’t stop Wait! I – I – I can stop! A med school pulled me closer now I got this perfect closure that you knew I was gunnin’ for Mom, I made it I’m successful! When that acceptance email showed up I was just about to blow up I will gladly accept what they wrote Now we’ll put on that new white coat Let me please put on that white coat I finally got my white coat! Welcome, high school seniors to the BSB I know there are a lot of pre-meds in this group so you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in this beautiful building in lectures and in lab So let’s start the tour


  1. They broke me, all I kept thinking was yes Kaplan does have the best MCAT review books speaking of which time to go memorize some psych terms

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  3. The moment they received their acceptance letter I teared up in happiness coz I am a pre-med student and ive dropped a year to write my exams and my future is still a question mark and my exams are here in 1 month and I haven't studied anything so I am trying my best I will enter into medical college this year no matter what with hardwork and gods grace

  4. Ah, humor based on my pain!! I should be writing my chemistry lab report instead of watching this premed parody lol. It's probably gonna be four years no fun coz I can't stop

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