CMH ER Tips: First Aid Kit

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Becky and I’m part of the
Citrus Memorial ER team. It’s always a really good idea for every household to
have a first aid kit, so today I wanna show
you the essential items that you will need for
your supplies for your first aid kit. The most obvious supply
you will need is bandages. You want various sizes
of bandaids and gauze. Also you’ll want antibiotic cream and Hydrocortisone Cream
as part of your supplies. Tweezers and Tylenol and
a cold compress are also must-haves. Also, make sure that every
member of your household knows where your first aid kit
is located and always remember to
periodically check the expiration dates of the medication that
include with your supplies. With all of these supplies
in place, you are now ready to treat basic medical
emergencies at home. But for medical emergencies that require medical professionals, always remember you can
count on the team here at Citrus Memorial Hospital.

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