CNA Skill #13 Shave the Resident

so this is Phil number 13 shave the resident sub course do your introduction watch our hands knock knock knock hello I'm Sienna Christine is don't okay if I can come in they say yes good morning is okay if I check your wristband mr. Jones I'm here to shave you is that okay that we performed that today they say yes okay mr. Jones actually have to gather my supplies in the other room so here's your call light you should call it and I'll be right back all right wash my hands leave the room gather my supplies knock knock knock mr. Jones I'm back so before we get started thing to go ahead and close your curtain make sure that the bed wheels are locked raise the bed to my working level or the side rail on the side that I'm working on also mr. Jones I'm going to ahead go ahead and raise the head of your bed chose June okay so far or so my supplies for the skill is going to be of course a protective barrier carrier to put on so file on a towel basic with water shaving cream aftershave two washcloths two sets of loves the razor itself in a mirror moment to set up my station all right mr. Jones go ahead and put wash my hands put on my gloves critical point for the state test make sure before you get started check mr. Jones's skin for any abrasion cuts moles so much you're jonesing just go ahead and check your face all right everything is okay hey mr. Jones I'm just going to go ahead and put this towel right here so we don't get your your gown in your sheets wet okay verbalize getting water mr. Jones if you can check the temperature for me put their hand in the basin how's that is it okay he says it's okay all right so next before you get started also check the razor for any rust or Nick's in the blade everything looks good so we can use this so next we'll go ahead and get one of these wash cloths dip it in the water and we'll go ahead and use this to soft food and mr. Jones's beer replies I do this for a minute sold it in a barrel and the next washcloth I'll go ahead and dip it in the basin as well and set it aside your uses to wash off the excess shaving cream later so now you can go ahead and proceed we're blessed putting shaving cream in my hand go ahead and apply shaving cream okay glove change wash my hands put on new gloves and then you'll go ahead and proceed to shave so in the packet it says pull the skin apart so the skin is taut and you're going to be shaving in a downward motion so make sure you pull the skin apart and shave downward mr. Jones if you look towards me there we go down or downward make sure you ping the blade in the top of water and just go down mr. Jones's face if you turn your head that way pull the skin apart shave downward strokes from the blade proceeded to do under their chin as well mr. Jones lift your head up for me thank you always downward strokes beating the blade we proceed to do the neck pull the skin apart giggling the blade and done verbalize I put this in a sharps container and with that washcloth we dipped in a basin that we set aside we'll go ahead and wipe all the access shaving cream soiled live in barrel and this towel that's here go ahead and use this to pat dry mr. Jones would you like any aftershave he says no okay so I'll go ahead and remove this towel so in vinegar OH I'll go ahead and burlesque cleaning up my supplies remove my gloves off to the mirror mr. John Chisholm where how do you look he says he looks great okay a fever lasting left area but in the trash can in store this where will i sanitize my hands and now all that's left is your ending all right mr. Jones we're done good shave isn't there anything else I can do for you he says now all right mr. Jones would you like to be in a sitting up the position or lying down he said he wants to sit up all right mr. Jones so I'm pretty much done here's your call like if need anything hit your car light and I'll be right back I'll put the bed and slows position double check that the wheels are locked raise the side rail back up make sure his belongings everything within reach open the curtain also remember going to put in a bit check alignment wash your hands and document


  1. Hi thank you so much for your videos but I’m not sure in some videos you said The bed rails to stay up in another you say is stay down can you please clarify that for me thank you very much

  2. Thank you so much!!! Just passed and this was one of the skills I was tested on at Red Cross. IMPORTANT! to remember that critical point of checking for knicks on razor and assessing the facial skin. forgot about it myself and corrected it at the end. Another point for independence would be asking them their preference of beard, mustache, etc beforehand.

    Thank You again for the video!

  3. I watched these videos constantly before my cna exam and I am so happy I did! Because of you I passed my skills exam (and even had the comment of "good demo"). 😆😆😆 Thank you so much!!!

  4. I so appreciate your videos.  My test is slated for June 9, 2016.  I have been studying your videos and I'm more confident.  This is my second time.  The first time, I did not pass.  I had studied your videos and practiced, but during the test, I picked up the wrong size BP cuff and could not hear the pulse.  Thanks again.  My test is in Oakland, Ca at the American Red Cross.

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